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Zhweitra-20 Review: Excellent ED Treatment

  • Brand: Zhweitra-20
  • Active Ingredient: Vardenafil
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies
  • Country of Manufacture: India

Zhweitra-20 by Sunrise Remedies

Zhweitra-20 by Sunrise Remedies

Review and Description

Impotence is the common problem in men, mostly in the men of elder ages. This condition is caused when the person cannot achieve or maintain an erection in order to complete sexual intercourse. There are many causes of this condition, and it cannot be treated permanently. Impotence might happen to any person and in fact, 140 million men are suffering from this condition.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are many drugs available in the market and these drugs contain different active ingredients. One of the newest and the potential active ingredient that is being used in the medications, that are indicated to treat erection problems, is Vardenafil.

Zhweitra is the medication that contains Vardenafil as its active ingredient. This medication is being manufactured by the Sunrise Pharmaceuticals, which is the based in India, one of the leading names in manufacturing high-quality medications. The active ingredient of Zhweitra is Vardenafil, which belongs to PDE5 inhibitors. This class of medication restores the impaired penile erection and affects the person two times more than that of Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Customer Reviews

Being manufactured by Sunrise limited, this medication is claimed to be the effective one with minimal of its side effects. The medication contains the active ingredient Vardenafil that is effective in the treatment of erection problems, since it relaxes the smooth muscles and improves the blood flow to the penis and therefore it restores the impaired erection.

In order to check the safety and efficacy profile of this medication we rely on customer reviews which are available online as the main factor of confirming the side effects manifestation rate and efficacy of a product. The customer reviews help the purchasers to get to know about the hidden and neutral details of the product. So, for Zhweitra, we have conducted the in–depth research to find the customer reviews.

Just like the claim of the manufacturers, customers of this medication seemed to be satisfied with this medication.

Zhweitra Testimonials

Zhweitra Testimonials

We found user reviews on different sites for Zhweitra. The customer named Jacob Basham claims that this medication is suggested by his friend and he used this medication to treat his erection problems. He was surprised to see great results. According to him, “medication worked well and did not leave any after effects.”

Another customer of Zhweitra, named Martin Hadley, also found to be satisfied with this medication. He also said that the medication worked well without any side effects. He commented as, “Moderate powered pill works well without any side effects or adverse reactions. The pill was ordered by me at best rates in offer.” The other user Mark said, “ I am very pleased with this product.”

Zhweitra Feedback

Zhweitra Feedback

All of the customers were found satisfied to this drug and none reported any side effects after using it. So, it would not be wrong to say that the claims of the Sunrise pharmaceuticals are true, and they created a masterpiece in the form of Zhweitra.

Pricing and Dosage

As far as the price of this medication is concerned, Zhweitra is available in the price of $36.00 for a pack of 10. And 30 pills are available in $92.

Zhweitra Pricing

Zhweitra Pricing

Zhweitra contains the active ingredient, Vardenafil. This medication is recommended to take only once a day. The recommended dosage of this medication includes 20 mg every 24 hours, but the dosage can be increased to 40 mg according to the penile response of per person.

How to Buy Zhweitra-20 Online

The drug, Zhweitra can be purchased online as well as from the local drug stores. You need to take this medication only on doctor’s prescription.


How to Use

Zhweitra is an on-demand use medication that can be consumed only when a person anticipates sexual intercourse. When limited blood flow causes the erection problems, the dosage of 20 mg can help to improve the blood flow to penis. You could increase the dose if you didn’t get the required erection. You need to take this medication almost 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

Alcohol and fatty meals usually do not affect its action, however taking this medication with a fatty meal might increase the time of its action.

Side Effects

As reported, Vardenafil does not cause much after effects in the consumer. However, there are some possible side effects that a person might get after consuming this medication. Here is the list of the common side effects of Zhweitra and they include a headache, stuffy and runny nose, vomiting, indigestion, nausea, swelling around hands and mouth, blurred vision and slight dizziness.

However, the adverse reactions of this medication might include chest pain, prolonged and painful erection, and sudden drop in blood pressure and severe dizziness. You need to contact your doctor immediately in case of appearance of these symptoms.


Zhweitra belongs to the Vardenafil group of generic medications that are indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, potentially then Sildenafil and Tadalafil. This medication is manufactured by a well- known and popular pharmaceutical industry of India, namely, Sunrise limited. This medication is claimed to be effective in restoring the impaired function of the penis and allowing it to erect harder enough to complete sexual activity.

Zhweitra is not only claimed to be effective, but according to the customer reviews, this medication is effective and safe to use by men to treat their mild erection problems. The customers of this medication are completely satisfied with the effectiveness and safety of the product that reflects in their reviews that we have captured as evidence.

Owing to its highly effective nature, minimal side effect, worldwide availability and the satisfaction of customers, we rate Zhweitra, the creation of Sunrise limited, 5 out of 5.

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