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Trusted Tablets Review – A Network to Give A Try

The online drugstore network, Trusted Tablets, is one of the best places to find cheap but effective medications for almost any kind of medical condition. Although Trusted Tablet sites seem like your average online drugstores, these online pharmacies are actually a tad different from the others—instead of being independently operating online pharmacies, these shops are actually part of “drugstore networks” or groups of online pharmacies working towards a common goal. Members of a network work to collect orders for the main website, as opposed to collecting and processing the orders independently.

Trusted Tablets Website

Trusted Tablets Website

Since the network drugstores are unconventional, they sometimes induce fear among buyers. However, contrary to the misconception, network websites are actually safe to use since they are fully legal and are operating in accordance with international (and local) pharmacy laws.

Let’s take Trusted Tablets, for instance—this network was able to secure approvals from renowned drug organizations and has all its products approved by at least the local FDA of the manufacturing companies.

We’ve come up with this brief network review to help you decide on the reliability of Trusted Tablets as an online pharmacy network.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

What best way to check if Trusted Tablets was indeed “trusted” by its consumers than to check its available online reviews. We were able to consolidate several buyer testimonials for the network:

Trusted Tablets Customer Testimonials

Trusted Tablets Customer Testimonials

Buyers were generally happy with their orders from Trusted Network stores. According to Steve, the generic Viagra he ordered from one of the network pharmacies was effective and has even helped him overcome performance anxiety.

Keiran, another customer, also thanked the network for its “prompt and efficient service”. According to his review, his orders have arrived on time.

On the one hand, an anonymous buyer also attested to receiving his order on time. As for the effect of the products, this user also mentioned that the meds he received from the store have proved effective for his medical condition.

Trusted Tablets Online

Trusted Tablets, the network in focus, is one long-running drugstore network known for its generic impotence treatments that are absolutely cheaper than the local drugstore prices for the same treatments. Consumers may purchase products for impotence, fertility, diabetes, blood pressure, and others, and even without sending their prescriptions. Although local drugstores normally require consumers to submit their Rx so they can gain access to the medicines. This no-Rx policy is not something that buyers should get concerned about since medicines found at Trusted Tablets are safe to use (and since there are no addicting medicines sold by the network.

The Trusted Tablets network is capable of offering the best prices for its medicines because the network is sourcing the products directly from the drug manufacturers. Since Trusted Tablets is also fully online and does not maintain physical stores, its cost of operations is low and therefore able to pass on more savings to the buyers.

Apart from the low prices, Trusted Tablets is also able to offer buyer deals and savings gimmicks to further help consumers maximize their savings (we’ll discuss this in more detail in the next section). As for the shipping fee, customers are only required to pay $10 if their orders are worth below $200. Payments accepted by the network include Bitcoin, credit cards, and electronic checks.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

Trusted Tablets has coupon codes but there were no available voucher codes at the time of our visit. However, we discovered several deals which buyers can take advantage of. Here is the breakdown of buyer deals:

Free Pills from Trusted Tablets

Free Pills from Trusted Tablets

  • Free pills for a minimum order: Buyers are entitled to at least 4 free pills from Trusted Tablets when they order a minimum of 20 pills from the network stores. Buyers with larger orders, however, are entitled to more freebie pills.
  • Conditional free shipping: Customers with orders at least $200 are entitled to regular free shipping from the network.
  • Special discounts: Buyers who are able to participate with the store’s loyalty, reference, and survey discounts are entitled to at least 5 to 10% discounts from the network (on their next orders).

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Buyers with concerns about their orders or the order process are free to consult the Trusted Tablets support team using the following contact numbers:

  • +1-800-532-4808
  • +1-718-475-9088
  • +44-203-011-0241

Buyers who prefer live chat may also take advantage of the network’s live support option (whenever customer representatives are available).

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

To make sure that Trusted Tablets is indeed reliable and trustworthy when it comes to handling buyer orders, we checked the web for possible complaints about the network. Thankfully, only positive reviews surfaced for the network, indicating that Trusted Tablets is undeniably a reliable place to shop medicines from.


Buyers considering getting their medicines online may consider online pharmacy networks like Trusted Tablets since they are able to offer the best products and prices that would suit the buyers’ needs. Deals to help further mitigate costs are also available, such as free shipping, free pills, or special discounts. All in all, we find Trusted Tablets a recommendable place to source medicines from—it has FDA approved products, friendly prices, and positive reviews for its service. Our team believes that the network merits a good score of 5 out of 5.

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