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Trust Pharmacy Review – It Is Actually Far More Impressive Than It Seems On The Outside

Trust Pharmacy is composed of several websites with the same products and technically the same information. A pharmacy network like Trust Pharmacy is just one big company with several website arms (several similar-looking websites with varying domain names). Companies like Trust Pharmacy want customer engagement hence the concept of putting out a lot of websites with different addresses but with the same contents.

For some buyers this is confusing, but it is something that’s normally done by companies like Trust Pharmacy. Buyers can enjoy the same services out of each web drugstore belonging to the same networks since they operate under one enterprise. However, consumers are advised to screen all Trust Pharmacy stores they see because pharmacy networks like Trust Pharmacy are often duplicated by scammers and used to lure people into their trap websites.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

To check if Trust Pharmacy shops have performed excellently during the past years, we searched high and low for mentions (good or bad) for the Trust Pharmacy network. Fortunately for the web drugstore chain, there were no bad reports for its service during the past years of its service (the network existed since 2001). Other than the complaints about some delayed parcels, so far, all the comments for Trust Pharmacy were great.

Examples of the reviews for Trust Pharmacy were as follows:

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

It is easy to see that consumers were delighted with the service rendered them by trust pharmacy. According to one consumer, the shop was “easy to place order” in and was able to process his order accordingly. Compared to other stores that required sign-ups, the guest checkout option on Trust Pharmacy encouraged more orders, especially even from non-techie consumers (like some elderly individuals, for instance).

Another consumer openly declared that he was happy with his order and this is probably because the store was able to deliver his order on time. According to him, everything was “ok” so he was grateful for his experience from the Trust Pharmacy shop.

Buyers often have brief comments for Trust Pharmacy shops, like another client, who merely mentioned that the “Delivery was OK”. Though brief, this sounds more reassuring than a complaint about an order that did not arrive.

Trust Pharmacy Online

Trust Pharmacy shops are easy to spot since they feature the same modest template in dirty white, gray, and maroon. Each Trust Pharmacy store is entitled “Trust Pharmacy” making them hard to miss, considering the glaring store name located at the top left of each online drugstore.

All of the Trust Pharmacy online drugstores have a uniform beginning of service—the stores were incepted in 2001, making them “older” than the typical online pharmacies nowadays (this probably explains the simplistic aura of these shops as opposed to the grander modern web drugstores).

Trust Pharmacy Store Homepage

Trust Pharmacy Store Homepage

Buyers browsing Trust Pharmacy stores will be happy to see that each of the Trust Pharmacy shops is filled with various kinds of medicines intended for a host of medical conditions, similar to local drugstore product line-ups. Consumers can find the following products at Trust Pharmacy stores:

  • Erectile dysfunction treatments
  • Heart medicines
  • Hypertension medicines
  • Diabetes medicines
  • Digestive disorder treatments
  • Psychological treatments
  • Herbal remedies
  • Fertility treatments
  • …and many others

According to Trust Pharmacy, patients can purchase their medicines from the store even without sending their prescriptions. However, they are encouraged strongly to get checked before they purchase medicines from the store, especially the ones they are to use for the first time.

All of the Trust Pharmacy offer affordable shipping via AirMail ($9.95) but are also given the choice to have their orders shipped using the faster EMS option (takes only up to 9 days transit time). Payments accepted by all stores include only credit card and debit card payments from VISA and MasterCard.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

There were no present coupon codes for Trust Pharmacy shops, but we were able to spot several deals buyers can use while shopping at any Trust Pharmacy store.

To further illustrate, here is a cart sample from one Trust Pharmacy:

Trust Pharmacy Deals

Trust Pharmacy Deals

Buyers with orders more than $200 can enjoy free regular (AirMail) shipping from any Trust Pharmacy shop and a subsidized EMS shipping rate ($9.95) instead of the regular $20.

Apart from the free shipping, buyers with orders greater than $200 are also given a special 10% discount from Trust Pharmacy shops. Free pills are also alloted for the buyers, in the case of this cart, 4 free pills of the buyer’s choice—Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

Although no coupon codes are present, consumers can wait for future codes or vouchers, especially on holidays.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

Trust Pharmacy offers the following contact details for its consumers:

  • In the UK +4420-3239-7092
  • In the USA +1-718-487-9792

Buyers can also be contacted through email, though the shop’s messaging integration.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Although most web drugstores are notorious for their spam activities, the web did not yield spam or phone call inconveniences from Trust Pharmacy stores. This is commendable considering Trust Pharmacy has been around since 2001—we were half expecting the web to yield negative search results, but overall, consumer comments for the network pharmacy shed a positive light to the network.

Because of this, it is safe to say that Trust Pharmacy is a reliable online pharmacy network and had benefitted its consumers instead of inconveniencing them, as the case with other web pharmacies.


Trust Pharmacy represents yet another web drugstore network. However, instead of disappointing, this web drugstore network ended up impressing us with its hefty roster of products and its positive reviews from the consumers. It is surprising that the network did not have negative comments from its buyers—the worst complaints about the Trust Pharmacy network were some cases of delayed parcels which either arrived or were successfully replaced by the network drugstores.

Overall, Trust Pharmacy merits a good score of 5 out of 5 and we believe that it is one of the best places to shop meds from. Don’t be fooled by this store’s meager appearance—it is actually far more impressive than it seems on the outside.

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