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TexasChemist Review: An Online Network Offering Quality and Affordable Medications

Texas Chemist is an online network of pharmacies that came into existence twelve years ago and that is located in the United States. The network comprises of a number of websites that have an identical homepage, sell similar products at the same prices and conduct all the activities as one entity. The only difference between them is the web addresses through which one will be able to reach the pharmacy.

A customer may fail to know the pharmacy he is dealing with by just looking at the homepage since all the websites look the same. However, this should not be the case as all websites are legitimate and are known to sell effective medications to their customers for the many years they have been in operation.

Having multiple websites is just a way of ensuring that they serve more customers as every website will generate its own traffic. The websites have been verified by the relevant regulatory bodies and all the generic drugs that are dispensed by the network have been approved by FDA. Some of the websites that operate under Texas Chemist are:

  • Texaschemist-online.com
  • Texaschemist.org

TexasChemist Reviews

TexasChemist has received numerous customer reviews from customers who have been purchasing drugs from the network. David is one of these customers and he says that he was amazed at how well the drugs worked. He says that he will be placing another order with the pharmacy due to the effectiveness of the drugs bought at the pharmacy.

Mark is another happy client who says that his order was delivered on time and the pills worked as he had anticipated. Mike also says that he received his order on time and he was happy with the working of the drugs. DN is happy that TexasChemist network followed up on his order until he was able to receive the drugs and is also happy that the drugs worked well.

Texas Chemist Customer Reviews

Texas Chemist Customer Reviews

Looking at the reviews above, it is clear that Texas Chemist network is able to follow up on the orders placed by their customers and ensure that they are delivered on time. It is also evident that the drugs that are dispensed by the pharmacy are very effective and this is why most of the customers who order drugs from them come back to the network to place more orders.

TexasChemist Online

The pharmacies that are affiliated to Texas Chemist have an identical homepage and you will not be able to differentiate the websites by just looking at them. They also stock similar products that are priced equally.

It will be difficult for a customer to know which pharmacy he is dealing with and this may make the customer think that this is a way to defraud him. However, this is not the case; the multiple websites is just a mechanism that the network has adopted to ensure that more people are served at once.

All the websites that are associated with the network have been verified and you can shop with confidence knowing that you will receive the best drugs within the agreed time. All the generic drugs that are sold at the network have been approved by FDA as fit for human consumption and will work towards offering relief from various health complications.

When you buy your medications from any of the online pharmacies that are affiliated with Texas Chemist, you will pay very low prices for your medications since most of the drugs are generics. This will enable you to save more on your medications even without the use of an insurance cover.

Texas Chemist will require a prescription before dispensing prescription-only drugs which should be mailed to the network before the order is processed. This is to ensure that a customer will only get what will be beneficial to his health in accordance with the observations made by a licensed medical doctor.

TexasChemist Coupon Codes

By looking at the prices below, it is evident that customers will be able to save4 more when they buy their medications from Texas Chemist network. Ten Cialis pills will cost $69.95 which will amount to $7 per pill. If a customer buys 90 tablets, the total cost of the drugs will be $209.95 which calculated on average will be $2.33 per pill. With this quantity of pills, a customer will have saved $419.60.

Texas Chemist network also offers free shipping on orders over $200 which is also a great way to reduce the cost of your medications.

Some of the Discounts Offered at Texas Chemist

Some of the Discounts Offered at Texas Chemist

When a customer orders from Texas Chemist for the second time, he will get a 5% discount on his second order. From there, he will be getting a 7% discount every time he orders his medications from the network.

TexasChemist Phone Numbers

To contact the Texas Chemist network, you will use the following toll-free phone number:

  • 1-702-965-3395

You can also use the contact form that is available on the website where you will write down the message you intend to pass across to the customer service team at any time of the day or night. A response will be sent to you via emails within the shortest time possible.

TexasChemist Spam and Phone Calls

TexasChemist has a policy of not sending any spam messages to their customers and requests anyone who receives a spam email to notify the network immediately. They only contact a customer when there is a need or when a customer needs clarification regarding the process of purchasing his medications.

On searching the web, there is no complain from a customer that he has received any spam email or a can from Texas Chemist network.


Texas Chemist network is a reliable online network that has been able to serve the residents of the United States since its establishment twelve years ago. The network largely deals with generic medications that have been approved by FDA which are sold at the same prices in all the websites. The many positive reviews and the lack of any complaints from customers who have been buying drugs from the network earns Texas Chemist network a 5* rating.

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