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Tarim 100mg Sildenafil Review: Not Yet Popular Generic Sildenafil From Israel

  • Brand: Tarim
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Trima
  • Country of Manufacture: Israel

Tarim by Trima

Tarim by Trima

Note: Picture shown above is for another generic Sildenafil drug, because we were not able to find out an image of this brand, Tarim.

Review and Description

The Israeli pharmaceutical company Trima is an international player in the field of generic medications. Their continuous innovation and quality makes this company present on the market for over 50 years as a respected pharmaceutical company. After 1998 Trima became a part of the Motivan Group, a well-known Pharmaceutical group on the Israeli market.

The product Tarim is a generic Sildenafil used for erectile dysfunction treatment. It has the same active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate, as the original drug produced by a different manufacturer. This drug works by relaxing the blood vessels in the male genital organ allowing blood to flow in it and resulting in an erection. The effect from Sildenafil occurs very fast, from 30 minutes to 1 hour after using the drug properly, which means swallowing the tablet with a glass of water on empty stomach, followed by sexual stimulations. If the medication is combined with alcohol or heavy meals the time for a penile erection is prolonged. It is dedicated only to men over 18 years with erectile dysfunction (ED), not for healthy individuals, women or kids.

Customer Reviews

Getting no results from searching customer reviews online doesn’t give as a solid proof of this brand’s efficacy. Despite the fact, that it contains the same active ingredient as the original drug and the popularity of the manufacturer of this brand in Israel, we have no information from patients that have used Tarim for treating impotence.

Consultation with a doctor and suggestions about the brand that you will use is recommended for achieving best results in the ED treatment. The most important thing is that the medicine is giving the best results for the treatment with possible low chances of risks while using it. Otherwise, the drug should be replaced with another one from a different manufacturer or with another active ingredient for the same purpose. In this case, where the issue is impotence, there is a big range of medicines available on the market with excellent results in that treatment.

Pricing and Dosage

The dose should be determined by a physician for achieving the best effect from the medicine. For the most patients, the prescribed dose is 50mg once a day, but if the patient has another acute or chronic disease the dose needs adjustment. Usually, the dose is decreased by a physician to 25mg once a day if the patient has kidney issues or some serious heart or liver problem. The maximal daily dose is 100mg at once and should not be exceeded.

The price that we find for this brand Sildenafil is $55 for 4 tablets. That means 1 tablet will be $13.75.

Tarim Cost

Tarim Cost

How to Buy Tarim 100mg sildenafil Online

The Israeli pharmaceutical company, Trima, is present worldwide, and its medications can be ordered online in most of the city/countries.

How to Use

This medication can be effective only in combination with sexual stimulations and proper usage. The medicine should be taken once a day 30 minutes to 1 hour before the sexual intercourse.

Tarim 100mg is film-coated tablets and for the best effect, it is better to swallow it with a full glass of water on empty stomach. Because of its absorption in small intestine, the effect can be delayed in combination with alcohol or heavy meals.

While using this medication, you must not take any other medication for the same treatment. If you are taking any other drugs for different issues, you should tell your doctor, and he will decide if you can start with the treatment of ED.

If you are sensitive to any of the components of Tarim 100mg stop using it and consult your doctor immediately.

Side Effects

Possible side effects from Sildenafil can occur during the treatment of ED, so patients should be aware of having a headache, blurry vision or facial rush. These are the most common adverse reaction that can occur from this drug, but they are not dangerous and don’t reduce the efficacy of Sildenafil.

Some of the side effects that can be severe and must be reported to the doctor are rapidly increased blood pressure, pain in the chest, pain in the eye, erection longer than 4 hours and some more.


Tarim 100mg is a medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment containing Sildenafil, like most of the other brands indicated for this disease. It is a product of the Israeli pharmaceutical company, Trima, which is a global company present for more than 50 years on this market, producing high-quality generics, Rx and OTC products.

Having the chance to be ordered online and used in most of the countries in the world, makes this drug available for a lot of patients with erectile dysfunction. The fact that we didn’t find any customer reviews despite the availability of this brand is alarming. It might not be the first choice for the most of the patients, and they are oriented to some more popular drugs for this disease.

We rate this brand with 2 on the scale of 1-5, only because it is a product of a pharmaceutical company that is approved in most of the countries which give us some insurance for its safety and efficacy.

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