Tadalis SX Tablet Review: Popular and Effective Agent for Male Impotence

  • Brand: Tadalis SX
  • Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma
  • Country of Manufacture: India

Tadalis SX by Ajanta Pharma

Tadalis SX by Ajanta Pharma

Review and Description

Tadalis launched by Ajanta Pharma is a 20 mg tablet that is used to treat impotence in men, which is also called as Erectile Dysfunction or ED. It helps the men to get and maintain a stiff and hard state of the male sexual organ when they are sexually stimulated. It only works in erectile disorder as it does not show effects in normal individuals.

Tadalis-SX contains Tadalafil Citrate as an active part of the drug and it is a cGMP-specific PDE-5 inhibitor. It works through smooth muscle relaxation by using an agent nitric oxide. The mechanism of action involved in Tadalis activity is inhibition of an enzyme PDE-5 that leads to accumulation of cGMP in corpus cavernosum due to the inhibition of breakdown of neurotransmitter cGMP. cGMP accumulation stimulates the higher release of nitric oxide from soft erectile tissues of the pelvic region. Nitric oxide in walls of blood vessels stimulates blood vessels dilation through smooth muscles relaxation. This response to Tadalis ensured an enhanced blood inflow to the penis and blood outflow from the penis is prohibited. This cause penis to be deluged with blood that is what required for a perfect erection of penis suitable for a pleasant sex act.

The manufacturer of Tadalis SX Ajanta Pharma is established in 1973 and it considers Research and Development as a vital component of their organization. It is providing the medication to domestic and international market to serve the health care needs worldwide with a good number of USFDA approved manufacturing sites.

Customer Reviews

It is very significant for patients to study customer reviews about a drug product they want to use prior to its purchase and use. By utilizing customer reviews, we can judge the effectiveness and safety. We have found sufficient amount of customer reviews to assess this brand’s efficacy and safety.

The first review was made by a user Troy, who had used it and was very satisfied with its safety and onset of action. He had liked its quality as well. He said “This is one of the best ED pills I have ever used. Got erection in 20 minutes which lasted long for 6 hours or so”.

Fred had also reviewed it as best ED pill. He had not experienced any side effect, and he liked its price. He said “This is one of the best pills I have ever used. Prices are also cheap”.

Tadalis SX Reviews

Tadalis SX Reviews

The third review was given by a customer whose all desires were fulfilled after using Tadalis. He was recommending the brand highly. He wrote, “Blessed to have a desire fulfilled at last. Go for it guys”.

Similarly, ezzy Fernandes had reviewed it as a good treatment for ED and he rated it 5 stars and recommended its use. He commented as “A medicine for worthy experience guys. Do take Tadalis if you are up to it”.

Tadalis SX Testimonial

Tadalis SX Testimonial

The above reviews are positive reviews by the customers who used it. They all got desired results for their ED problem and enjoyed its uses. The price of Tadalis-SX was also more competitive than the other brands of similar effects, that is why it is more common among the impotence patients. When you get the response of real patients who confirm that the medication is safe without side effects, then it is very considerable for first time use. It is advised to follow doctor’s recommendation or medication leaflet regarding utilization and dosage of Tadalis-SX.

Pricing and Dosage

The dosage form for Tadalis-SX is an oral tablet having 20 mg dosage strength. It has a different price list on various websites depending on pack size. The average price of single 20 mg Tadalis-SX tablet is from $ 1.85 to $ 1.67.

Tadalis-SX Prices

Tadalis-SX Prices

Like all other medications dosage of Tadalis-SX greatly depends on age, sex and medical condition of the patient. The usual recommended dose for Tadalis-SX is 10 mg per day as a single dose half an hour before sexual activity. The dose can be increased or decreased depending on the tolerance of the patient and affectivity of it in each patient. The maximum and traditional dose is 20 mg per day and minimum dose is 5mg per day. Dose must be reduced to 5 mg in partial or complete hepatic failure.

How to Buy Tadalis SX Tablet Online

Tadalis-SX is rarely available to international customers online. It is easily purchased from local pharmacies with or without a prescription.

How to Use

Tadalis-SX must be taken once a day. It is suggested to take Tadalis-SX tablet with water 30 minutes before plan sexual act. It can be administered along with food or on an empty stomach. But it shows faster effects when taken on an empty stomach as compared to when taken along with the heavy meal. Precautionary measures are very necessary if you are suffering from penile deformation, Tadalafil hypersensitivity, genetic retinitis pigmentosa and heart disease while taking Tadalis-SX.

Side Effects

Tadalis is considered safe medication if it is taken according to doctor’s recommendation. You should not use any medication such as nitrates while taking Tadalis-SX because nitrates potentiate the effects of Tadalis-SX.

The reported side effects for Tadalis-SX are chest pain, skin rashes, allergic reactions, priapism, headache, dizziness, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, loss of vision, loss of hearing, dry mouth, numbness, muscle ache, irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest and sudden death. In each severe case, get emergency medical treatment and stop taking medication.


Tadalis-SX is a popular brand of Tadalafil that contains Tadalafil citrate equivalent to 20 mg of Tadalafil. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and sometimes used for prostate enlargement and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It works by smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation.
We have found an excellent quality and quantity of customer reviews about Tadalis-SX. Therefore, we are successful in getting the data about drug’s efficacy and tolerability. Reviews show that the use of Tadalis-SX is safe and effective and it is widely used by online customers. The information by first-hand users enables us to suggest its purchase. It is manufactured by a well-reputed pharmaceutical industry Ajanta Pharma in India. It is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of wide range of pharmaceutical products. Therefore, we rate it 5 out of 5 and recommending you to consult your doctor before taking any prescription medication.

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