Thursday, September 24, 2020
Silfeldrem 100mg Review: Product with Unaccessible Efficacy and Safety

  • Brand: Silfeldrem
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: +pharma
  • Country of Manufacturer: Netherlands

Silfeldrem by +pharma

Silfeldrem by +pharma

Review and Description

Silfeldrem 100 mg tablet is yet another brand that contains the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. This is a pill often given to patients with erectile dysfunction. It works by helping men get better and longer erection. Sildenafil acts by increasing the blood flow to the male sexual organ. Its use to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, not just in men, but also in women, is becoming more popular too.

Through innovations done by different pharmaceutical companies, you may now see different preparations of Sildenafil, which can be available in different forms and flavors. But, it is still believed that the tablet form is most efficient, as it is absorbed faster. This advantage makes Sildenafil tablets, regardless of the brand, a popular solution for treating ED.

Silfeldrem is produced by +pharma in Netherlands. However, its global presence is not yet established. No sufficient data about the company is available online, making this product hard to be considered reliable.

Customer Reviews

We find it quite hard to look for existing customer reviews of patients who have tried using Silfeldrem 100 mg as ED treatment. As for the other drugs, it is paramount to know if it is really effective and safe. The reputation of its manufacturer should be considered too. Without any customer feedback or reviews, we cannot say that a brand is reliable and worth investing in. After doing a thorough research, we did not see any available reviews for this specific brand. Its manufacturer does not have a single record of success for other products that they have launched and advertised. No FDA approval and other established or links to global companies or pharmaceutical associations were found. The web presence of this brand and its manufacturer are both very limited. Considering these factors, it is best to check other brands or at least consult your doctor before taking Silfeldrem 100 mg.

Pricing and Dosage

A single pack of Silfeldrem 100 mg contains 4 tablets. As for the cost or price, no data can be found online.

Silfeldrem must be taken only once a day, as it already contains the maximum allowable dosage. Do not overdose. Consult your physician right away if you feel like you need to make dosage adjustments. Store it at the room temperature and keep it dry. Keep it out of reach of children.

How to Buy Silfeldrem 100mg Online

Silfeldrem 100 mg is widely distributed in the country where it is being produced. However, if you are not residing in the Netherlands, you might find it difficult to purchase this product online. We have not seen any website selling this item yet.

How to Use

If you are allergic to Sildenafil or any other medications, consult your doctor first before taking this drug. The recommended dose of Silfedrem is 100 mg and it can only be taken once daily. This pill will exert its effect within an hour of administration. It is best to drink this medicine on an empty stomach.

You must avoid fatty foods when taking Silfeldrem, as it can delay absorption. Alcohol will likewise slow down its effect. Grapefruit juice, when taken with this drug, can drastically lower your blood pressure.

Side Effects

Be cautious about any form of allergic reactions. If you notice skin problems and swelling, visit a doctor right away. The difficulty of breathing is yet another detrimental problem that must be given attention.

A headache, dizziness, and nasal congestion are just common and they would naturally be relieved. If you cannot tolerate them, you can take pain relievers or decongestants. Watch out for painful erection too! Stop the drug immediately if this happens.


Be mindful that this drug is not suitable for everyone who just “feels like” to use it. It is very important to know how it works, the drug’s possible side effects, and if you really need it. Consult your doctor first and ask for a prescription. If you have noticed any detrimental side effect, discontinue the drug right away.

Because of the desire of several pharmaceutical companies to produce their own Sildenafil brands, it is not surprising at all to know that there have been new forms and even flavors available on the market today. However, not all of them are approved and regulated by health authorities. Efficacy and safety should always be prioritized. Unluckily, Silfeldrem 100 mg has no customer reviews from its users to showcase, so it is quite hard to determine if Silfeldrem is good or not. Its company profile is not available online as well. It is also not being marketed by other pharmaceutical suppliers online, and we are clueless about its price. Due to the lack of information, we can rate Silfeldrem 1 out of 5. We recommended you to consult your physician first before buying this brand.

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