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Sildigra CT-7 Sildenafil Chewable 100 mg Review: Indian Sildenafil Brand with A Fair Rating

  • Brand: Sildigra CT-7
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Dharam Distributors
  • Country of Manufacture: India

Sildigra CT-7 by Dharam Distributors

Sildigra CT-7 by Dharam Distributors

Review and Description

Sildigra CT is another Indian brand of Sildenafil Citrate, popular as an effective male sexual enhancement pill specially made to treat symptoms of impotence or sexual dysfunction. This drug is commonly prescribed among men ages 50 and up. Sildigra is produced by Dharam Distributors in India. It is available in just one dosage, 100 mg. This pill is a prescription drug and it is said to be safe for use before sexual activity. Dharam Distributors claims that all their products pass strict quality control by their analysts. They superior raw material. Their primary objective is to improve the quality of drugs and to help alleviate different diseases.

With good bioavailability, Sildenafil Citrate takes effect on the penis within an hour after intake. It acts upon an enzyme called phosphodiesterase, which dilates blood vessels in the penis, thus allowing more blood to flow in. This in return, engorges the blood vessels and keeps the organ erected. What is nice about Sildigra CT is that it is produced by one of the most trusted manufacturers and exporters in the pharmaceutical business in India. Because of the quality of the products they produce, they were able to improve their sales to millions not just locally, but internationally. It is likewise very affordable.

Customer Reviews

Only a single online community blog has mentioned the drug Sildigra CT as an effective pill used to treat erectile dysfunction. This member, which is surprisingly a female, has posted an honest review about this drug and it is positive.

Letitia said, “Keep it coming, this is good stuff.” She marked Sildigra CT as an excellent product, and she expected its continuous supply. She did not mention anything about its safety though and did not share personal experience on this drug that really affects them. She didn’t give any advice to potential buyers as well.

Sildigra CT Feedback

Sildigra CT Feedback

This comment could not be checked further. The information provided is very limited and it is not reliable. It is better if there were other members of the forums or blogs that have posted reviews about Sildigra CT. We have tried searching other independent websites also, but no user reviews were found for this specific brand.

Pricing and Dosage

The selling price of Sildigra varies per online pharmacy, but the typical price is $2.11 per tablet.

Sildigra CT Cost

Sildigra CT Cost

Sildigra CT is a chewable tablet available in just on dosage, 100 mg. It is taken once daily, at least one hour before the sexual act. This dosage should not be exceeded, as it can pose serious health risks, in particular among the elderly and those who are suffering from other medical conditions.

How to Buy Sildigra CT-7 Sildenafil Chewable 100 mg Online

If you are not a local in India, do not worry, it is also available online. We have found a few online drugstores that sell Sildigra CT.

How to Use

Take just a single tablet of Sildigra CT 100 mg orally, at least one hour before you have sex. It is not recommended to beyond this dosage. Keep in mind that this drug is only an enhancement pill. It is best if you are already sexually stimulated. Chew it as a whole tablet with or without water. Excessive exposure to direct heat is not advisable. Always keep it in a safe area where kids could not reach it and in a room temperature.

Side Effects

Sildigra CT can cause a few, but minor side effects. The most common complaints would include nausea, headache, and flushing. Some men also experience pain during intercourse and prolonged erection. This should serve as a warning. Stop taking the drug immediately and seek medical help.

There have been rare reports of serious side effects as well because of improper use and dosage. Blindness and deafness are the most common complaints. The Severe allergic reaction is likewise observed in isolated cases. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of these serious side effects.


Sildigra CT chewable tablet is yet another popular Indian brand of Sildenafil Citrate. Users have chosen this brand because of its acclaimed benefits and safety, not to mention that its price is likewise very affordable as compared to its competitors. While one customer has already attested that this brand is good and is working for them, no posts have mentioned about its possible side effects or complications.

Sildenafil, in general, can cause tolerable discomforts, but it is still feared for some severe and debilitating effects when not used properly. We also bank on the fact that its distributor has an excellent reputation in India and has produced several quality drugs in the past. One downside of this item is its dosage. It is only available in a 100 mg preparation, which is too high for the first-time users. Other brands would have it in lesser strengths like 25 mg and 50 mg. For these reasons, we have decided to give this brand 3 out of 5 rating. Hopefully, more reviews about its efficacy and safety will be found for future references.

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