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Sildenafil Memphis 50 mg Review: Stay Away From This Significantly Overpriced Sildenafil Drug

  • Brand: Sildenafil Memphis
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Memphis
  • Country of Manufacture: Colombia

Sildenafil by Memphis

Sildenafil by Memphis

Note: We do not find any image of the Sildenafil Memphis. Here, we are using a generic label of Sildenafil for illustration purposes only.

Review and Description

Sildenafil is a revolutionary drug formula based on the active pharmaceutical ingredient called “Sildenafil Citrate.” It is widely known and very reputed for treating men with erectile dysfunction. Only men suffering from this disorder can understand the debilitating effects of impotence. This drug has acted as a life saver in the cases where men were unable to satisfy their partners, because of the erectile disorder. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any stage of life, because of the factors like anxiety, stress, and age. Sildenafil Memphis works by affecting certain chemicals in the body. This ultimately results in dilation of blood vessels in the penis and allows a longer and more satisfying stage of erection.

Sildenafil Memphis is one of many Sildenafil brands, used to treat the erectile dysfunction in men. Memphis Pharmaceutical and Chemical Limited, the manufacturer of Sildenafil Memphis, is a Colombian pharmaceutical company. Memphis Company is one of the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises in the Middle East, with its presence in the market since 1940. Its head office in located in Cairo, Egypt.

Customer Reviews

Our online research did not reveal any customer reviews for the brand Sildenafil Memphis. The unavailability of the reviews can be explained due to brand’s limited availability on the major online platforms selling pharmaceutical products.

It is important to consider the feedbacks from the users who actually tested the product and could reveal some information about its efficacy, availability, quality and side effects experienced. One the other side, we can note that the manufacturer of Sildenafil Memphis is well reputed and present in the market for quite a long time and it is expected that medications produced by this company should not be of a bad quality. You should still seek the doctor or pharmacist’s opinion if determined to give a chance to Sildenafil Memphis. We forewarned you on the risks of buying and consuming Sildenafil Memphis, as no information about the effectiveness, quality and side effects are available.

Due to the lack of well-grounded evaluation of its efficacy and side effects, it is recommended to choose reputed brands with proven efficacy.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Memphis is available in 50mg formulation online. Sildenafil is available online in tablet form. The price of two tablets of Sildenafil Memphis is $947. The price may vary.

Sildenafil Memphis Cost

Sildenafil Memphis Cost

Maximum recommended dose is one tablet of 50mg a day with a glass of water an hour before the planned sexual activity. Sildenafil tablets consumed on an empty stomach may result in rapid action. Do not consume more dose without proper consultation of doctor or pharmacist.

How to Buy Sildenafil Memphis 50 mg Online

Sildenafil does not seem to be available internationally.

There is no requirement of the prescription to purchase Sildenafil Memphis in Colombia. However, outside of Colombia doctor’s prescription may be expected. We suggest not to buy this medication, as it is significantly overpriced, even famous Viagra costs much cheaper. Almost 500$ per pill seems unrealistic price. If you reside in Colombia and, somehow, already bought Sildenafil Memphis following the advice of you doctor, please, check below for possible side effects.

How to Use

Users of Sildenafil Memphis are required to consult their physician or pharmacist for the proper and efficient dose formulation for the drug, as this ensures best results with least complications and side effects. Users should not consume more than one tablet of 50mg a day.

Do not exceed the recommended dose of the drug without the consultation of a doctor or a pharmacist and do talk to a physician before use of the drug to reduce its unintended effects.

Side Effects

The side effects of Sildenafil may occur in the form of: cardiac arrhythmia, vomiting, bleeding nose, nausea, and angina. Patients having Cardiac disease should not use the drug and should consult their doctor before starting the treatment. Other rare side effects can include hypersensitivity reactions, myocardial infarction, and high or low blood pressure.

Severe chest pain may occur in very rare cases. Some side effects are dose dependent; user should consult the physician for deciding the dose of the drug.


Sildenafil Memphis from Memphis Pharmaceutical and Chemical Limited is used to treat the erectile dysfunction in men.

We did not come up with customer reviews for the drug in our online research, as it is not available to purchase internationally online. We are uncertain about the efficacy, reliability, potency, and side effects of the product. The reviews about the drug product from the real customers, who have actually tried it, is always a plus point for the medicine, as they increase its credibility. However, Memphis Pharmaceutical and Chemical Limited, the manufacturer of the Sildenafil Memphis, shows us some robust and reliable support as they are one of the oldest firms in the Middle East.

The brand Sildenafil Memphis can get only a rating of 1 on the scale of 1 to 5, because of its extremely high price and limited availability.

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