Sildenafil Lek 100 mg Review: Not Highly Recommended Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Brand: Sildenafil Lek
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Lek
  • Country of Manufacture: Slovenia

Sildenafil Lek by Sandoz

Sildenafil Lek by Sandoz

Note: The photo displayed is a photo of the generic Sildenafil. This is not Sildenafil Lek.

Review and Description

Sildenafil Lek, like other brands available in the market, has the generic name Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate acts in the body by inhibiting the enzyme Phosphodiesterase-5. This enzyme inhibition would result in the dilation of the blood vessels caused by increased levels of the chemical known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This cGMP acts by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels, causing them to dilate. With dilation comes an increase in blood volume. The resulting penile erection will then result in a happy you and a happy partner in bed. It will make you perform longer.

Sildenafil Lek is manufactured by a Slovenian company called Lek, which is the umbrella company of Sandoz. Sandoz is a globally renowned manufacturer of drugs of different therapeutic classes. Sandoz is also tied to the drug manufacturing giant Novartis. With this triumvirate of pharmaceutical companies, you can’t go wrong in choosing Sildenafil Lek to treat your erection problems.

Customer Reviews

It is somewhat surprising that given the reputation of the companies Lek is associated with, there were no reviews made by consumers who purchased the product. We won’t be able to know the magnitude and the extent of the effect according to the consumer’s perspective.

We have no credible testimonies about the drug and how good it is. Now, we can only rely on the drug studies about the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate and the credibility of the manufacturer of Sildenafil Lek. Without a doubt Sildenafil citrate is the go-to drug that can treat erectile dysfunction.

Through those decades of constant research and pharmacovigilance, Sildenafil Citrate mechanism of action is clearly understood. Soon after, equivalents of the brand Viagra (Sildenafil Lek included) are made by other manufacturers to compete with Viagra regarding its price. The determining factor when these alternatives came along would be the first-hand users who reviewed the drug, in this case, Sildenafil Lek. If you would like to test this product yourself, please consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and to give you green light for using Sildenafil Lek.

Pricing and Dosage

There were no prices reported of Sildenafil Lek. This is disappointing given the lack of customer reviews about Sildenafil Lek. What we do know is that since Sildenafil Lek is tailored after Viagra, the drug should be available in tablet form. We expect that Sildenafil Lek will be competitive in the growing market of brands of Sildenafil citrate. Lastly, we would expect Sildenafil Lek be therapeutically comparable to the other brands in the market given that they have the same generic name Sildenafil citrate.

How to Buy Sildenafil Lek 100 mg Online

Sildenafil Lek is sold locally in Slovenia, but we can’t say that the drug is available internationally as there were no online stores that sell Sildenafil Lek. It is rather sad to note that even the availability of Sildenafil Lek is also an issue. A prescription may or may not be needed in the local pharmacies depending on their policies. Consulting your doctor is highly advised to secure a prescription.

How to Use

Sildenafil Lek is manufactured in tablet form. The usual dose of the drug is taken 1 hour before engaging in any sexual activity. The drug may be taken with or without food and the drug should be taken with water.

Elderly patients, who will be taking the drug, should have the dose adjusted and lowered, so the body can keep up with the metabolism of the drug to avoid toxicity. It should not be taken with alcohol to prevent the prolonging of the effect of the drug. This prolongation will be carried over when the patient takes the next dose, causing drug toxicity. Last point to mention is the renally impaired patients. Their dose should be adjusted to prevent drug toxicity. The premise is about the same as for elderly patients, as the kidneys are not functioning properly.

Side Effects

When taking Sildenafil Lek, you must recognize the side effects to understand when this brand is causing those side effects. One of the most notable would be a headache followed by dizziness. The dizziness may result from changes in vision. Tinnitus or a sharp tone heard when hearing is also another side effect encountered. In some patients, painful and prolonged erections occur as a result of taking a drug containing Sildenafil citrate. Some of the less common side effects include redness and pain in some parts of the body, memory problems, and sleepiness. When you happen to encounter these side effects, you should consult your doctor.


It is rather disappointing that, given the credibility of the manufacturer due to its association with the drug manufacturing giants, Sildenafil Lek still is not promising enough to become a trusted and recommended drug for the discerning consumer. It is hard to recommend this drug given the lack of customer reviews about the drug. When purchasing the product, it is important to read reviews and comments from consumers who have used the product. This is especially true if the buyer is not going to seek consultation from a physician. This would test the reliability of the drug.

The drug manufacturer Lek is under the umbrella companies Novartis and Sandoz which are globally renowned drug manufacturers. These same companies are known for their certifications of WHO GMP and ISO, among others. It is surprising that Sildenafil Lek is not marketed as much as the other drugs manufactured by the companies. This may be due to the manufacturer Lek being in Slovenia. Maybe the drug manufacturer intended the drug to be marketed locally and their next step would be globally. We are not certain of that fact. Perhaps, in the future they will make a move to market the drug, resulting in garnering multiple customer reviews from patients across the globe. With so much vital information lacking, we rate this drug 1 out of 5. The lack of customer reviews leading to the low reliability of the drug is the main drawback.

We would not recommend this drug for those who are hoping to buy Sildenafil product without a prescription. For this reason, we urge you to consult your doctor first to seek an opinion regarding the drug.

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