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Sildenafil Apotex 50/100 mg Review: Not a Brand of Choice

  • Brand: Sildenafil Apotex
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Apotex
  • Country of Manufacture: Netherlands/ Poland

Sildenafil Apotex 100 mg Pack

Sildenafil Apotex 100 mg Pack

Review and Description

Sexual intercourse is not only a route of reproduction. There is a great level of enjoyment experienced by couples during these secret moments. Erectile dysfunction is considered as a nightmare for men considering that a flaccid penis will affect not only performance during sex but a long term relationship with a partner. Fortunately, many erectile dysfunction treatment s are available on the market today.

The global drug manufacturer Apotex has manufactured a drug branded as Sildenafil Apotex, a generic drug. We should note that Sildenafil Apotex is one of the many brands available of Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil Apotex contains the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The drug’s mechanism of action is to inhibit the enzyme Phosphodiesterase-5 in the body. Inhibition of such enzyme will allow the blood vessels to dilate. This dilation of the blood vessels is beneficial to the penis as the blood will be stored in its blood vessel, the corpus cavernosum. The storage of blood would make a man’s penis look and feel hard.

Apotex is a global drug manufacturer with its main headquarters in Canada. The company soon branched out to different countries around the world with the goal of providing quality generic products to the community all over the world. The company is considered as the largest pharmaceutical company in Canada. With that global presence of Apotex, we would consider that Sildenafil Apotex is manufactured by countries such as Poland and Netherlands which have the manufacturing facility of Apotex.

Customer Reviews

Despite the global presence of Apotex, there were no reviews or comments made by the users of Sildenafil Apotex. This would translate to a lack of confidence and the lack of reliability of the drug. Since there are no reviews available, we shall look into the details of Sildenafil citrate and what would be the impact of Sildenafil Apotex in the market.

Sildenafil citrate is a well-researched drug with a stable mechanism of action. The drug has been surveyed for side effects and adverse drug reactions through the different brands all over the world. Given the effectiveness of the active chemical in treating erectile dysfunction, the Canadian manufacturer Apotex created Sildenafil Apotex, one of the many brands available. Sildenafil Apotex is considered as a generic product rather than a branded product mainly to cut costs. This cut in costs, such as branding, would make the drug a whole lot cheaper than most brands of Sildenafil citrate available. The company stresses on the affordability of medications. Due to the lack of customer reviews, we are unable to evaluate the drug based on its actual effects in individuals who use the drug.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Apotex is formulated as 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets and the tablets are packed in groups of 4 and 12 tablets. The prices may vary according to the dosage and the number of tablets per pack. The available prices are as follows: 4 tablets of 25mg for $7.71; 12 tablets of 50mg for $15.23; 12 tablets of 100mg for $29.80.

Sldenafil Apotex Pricing

Sldenafil Apotex Pricing

How to Buy Sildenafil Apotex 50/100 mg Online

There are stores sell Sildenafil Apotex 100mg, as there are no links for the 25mg and 50mg option.


Sildenafil Apotex is sold locally and internationally given the presence of Apotex in many countries. This advantage would make the drug more available to the public. A prescription may be required in some stores and pharmacies so you must consult your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

How to Use

When taking Sildenafil Apotex, it should be taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse as it may take a while for the drug to be present in the system. You will know that it’s effective as the penis will immediately stand erect. It is important to note that Sildenafil Apotex should be taken with water and may not be taken with food, depending on your convenience.

Take Sildenafil Apotex with water and not alcohol. Taking alcohol with the drug will not only damage the liver, but it will also delay the excretion of the drug. To the elderly who will take this drug, you must take it at a lower dose to prevent possible drug overdose. The same goes to the renally impaired. These are the main reasons why you must consult your doctor before using so that your current health may be evaluated prior to prescribing the right dose of the drug.

Side Effects

Taking Sildenafil Apotex has its fair share of side effects, as no drug is perfect having no side effects. When these side effects occur, immediately consult your doctor for a possible change in the drug brand or dosage. The main side effect to watch out for is a headache as this drug may cause headaches. In some patients, they may experience dizziness and sleepiness. These would impair their ability to operate machinery so caution is highly advised. There are those few patients who experience pain when taking this drug which is unusual. When you experience pain such as in the chest, stomach or back, immediately consult your doctor to change the drug.


Apotex has come a long way to become Canada’s largest drug manufacturer of generics. It has come such a long way that it has established manufacturing facilities all over the world, in this case, Poland, and The Netherlands. It is without a doubt that the company wants to become globally competitive, thus the production of one of its many products, Sildenafil Apotex.

Sildenafil Apotex is the brand of Sildenafil citrate made by Apotex. The drug is indicated to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is surprising that despite the presence of Apotex globally, there were no reviews about the drug. It is possible that Sildenafil Apotex is not the preferred drug by men as there are a lot of brands out there that were there before Sildenafil Apotex entered the market. One thing’s certain, the drug is cheap. It is considerably cheaper than Viagra, but some brands are even more affordable than Sildenafil Apotex. It will ultimately depend on the consumer should he want to take the drug.

We rate this drug 3 out of 5 with the lack of reviews being the culprit for the average rating. We still urge you to consult your doctor before purchasing this drug.

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