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Ever wonder what a network pharmacy is? Network pharmacies are groups of online drugstores working for one specific company. They look almost same—you can’t tell one online drugstore network store from the other. These online pharmacies have different web addresses, but as far as we’re concerned, this is the only difference among the members of online pharmacy networks.

Securetabs is one of the more popular online drugstore networks around. Its rise to fame can be imputed to its cheap prices and Food and Drug Administration certified products that are effective and safe to use by the patients. International customers are ones that are catered to by Secure Tabs as unlike most online drugstores and networks, Securetabs does not limit its buyers according to their country of origin.

Is it safe to use online drugstore networks? Absolutely! Customers can rest assured of the reliability of Securetabs since shop networks (like Securetabs) have acquired approvals from drug organizations (like CIPA and MIPA in Canada) and drug quality authorities like the Food and Drug Administration. However, customers are still warned about the remote possibility that the legit online pharmacies are replicated by scammers so they can lure buyers into buying from their fake stores.

Securetabs Reviews

Reviews are essential in establishing that online pharmacies or online networks are dependable, legitimate, and are excellent to use for any kind of drug need. Not all online networks are able to have reviews for their service, so it is refreshing to behold reviews for the network Securetabs from its former clients.

Securetabs Reviews

Securetabs Reviews

The usual themes of reviews for Securetabs speak about the delivery speed for the orders and the excellent quality of the medications.

Andy from Ireland mentioned that his order did not take long to arrive. He did not expound much on the details of his order, but his positive comment for the network website is sufficient to assure us of the network’s performance.

Erika, on the other hand, wrote about getting the best prices for the meds she purchased from the store. According to her, meds were “cheap and good”.

Sophia, a client from France, gave detail on this network’s courteous staff and the hassle-free order process on Securetabs. According to her, the Securetabs support team was helpful and has helped her order the meds she needed.

Securetabs Online

Securetabs has operated for long—to date, has operated for more than two decades, which is quite surprising since most online pharmacies are prone to close in their first year alone. Securetabs’ length in the business is commendable and reflective to its dedication to serving its consumers excellently.

Securetabs Shop

Securetabs Shop

If you’d visit Securetabs stores, you will see that they are actually modest-looking compared to their more modern counterparts. Instead of relying heavily on graphics, this network made sure that its shops are packed with nearly all the medicines patients would want to purchase—we can say that this online drugstore network strongly simulates local pharmacies. However, instead of obliging consumers to provide their prescriptions whenever ordering, Securetabs stores are allowing no-Rx purchases so buyers may easily purchase the medicines they need.

Some of the most popular products on this network include the following products:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.27 per pill
  • Generic Cialis: $0.68 per pill
  • Generic Levitra: $1.00 per pill
  • Generic Amoxil: $0.39 per pill
  • Generic Prednisone: $0.30 per pill

None of the products found at Securetabs shops are addictive or illegal, so buyers will not have to worry about purchasing illicit products from any Securetabs shop.

The base shipping fee charged by Securetabs stores is $10, but customers can opt for the more expensive option if they need their orders to arrive in more or less a week.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

The Securetabs store is offering a special voucher code for consumers to use for an additional 10% off their orders. Customers simply have to enter the code IT-4752 upon checkout to be able to receive the extra discount.

Securetabs Coupon Discount

Securetabs Coupon Discount

Apart from the coupon code, buyers are also entitled to other deals on Securetabs stores:

Securetabs Sample Cart

Securetabs Sample Cart

As you can see in the sample cart image, customers are also entitled to the following deals:

  • Freebie pills of their choice (Viagra 100 mg, Cialis 20 mg, or Levitra 20 mg)
  • Free airmail shipping for orders more than $200
  • Free express shipping for orders worth more than $300
  • An added 10% discount for orders exceeding $200

Securetabs Phone Numbers

Securetabs shoppers may use the following phone numbers to contact the shop support team in case of snags in delivery, order concerns, and other issues:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Apart from these numbers, buyers can also use the Contact Us page to message the store.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

The network Securetabs only had positive comments for its performance—there were no negative reports regarding its service nor did it have links with negative reports involving spam or scam activities. Having a clear record means that Securetabs is generally benign and safe to use by the buyers.


Securetabs is an excellent choice for drug purchases since it has been trusted by numerous consumers all over the world and for several years. There are no bad reports associated with this online drugstore network, which indicates that the network is technically safe to use by the buyers. Securetabs is a good option for online drug purchases hence our grade of 5/5 for the shop.

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