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Ravana 20mg Review: Male Enhancement Product Not To Trust!

  • Brand: Ravana
  • Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Mediphar Laboratories
  • Country of Manufacture: Lebanon

Ravana by Mediphar Laboratories

Ravana by Mediphar Laboratories

Review and Description

The specific condition in which men cannot perform well during the sexual activity and cannot achieve erection hard enough to carry out sexual activity is called erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent treatment for erectile dysfunction, but luckily it can be easily treated temporarily with the help of drugs that allow men to maintain and keep erection hard enough to carry out sexual intercourse that will please both partners.

Tadalafil is counted to be the revolutionary ED drug that is used to treat the erection problems in men. This ingredient is being used in an array of medications that is thought to be the “lifesaver in bed.” This ingredient improves the blood flow to the penis, thereby relaxing the smooth muscles. Thus, it results in a better and satisfying state of erection.

Branded as Ravana, the medication we are going to review in this monograph, also contains the active ingredient, Tadalafil. Ravana is being manufactured by a Lebanon-based pharmaceutical company, Mediphar Laboratories.

Customer Reviews

Ravana is the oral medication that is used as the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This drug was launched in the year of 2012 and in the month of September by Mediphar Laboratories. This drug is claimed to treat the erection problems in men and is effective for this condition. It must be noted that Ravana is not used to increase the libido, but it can increase the erecting capacity of a person dealing with erectile dysfunction.

In order to check if the claims of the company are valid or not, the customer reviews are really crucial. Customer reviews help us with important details and feedback about the product and provide us with the significant effects and side effects of the medication. Unfortunately, for Ravana, we were not able to find the reviews from the customers who have used this medication on first hand. So, with such doubts in mind, we recommend you not to use this medication without consulting your doctor.

Pricing and Dosage

The dosage of Ravana is same as that of any other medication of Tadalafil. The initial dosage of this medication is 5 mg that is also considered as the low dose treatment. But the dosage of this medication can be increased to 20 mg but, only on the prescription from doctors.

The oral treatment of erectile dysfunction, Ravana, is available in two strengths. The 20 mg strength of tablets comes in the pack of 2, while the 5 mg strength comes in the pack of 30 tablets. The 5 mg strength is recommended appropriate for the men who remain regularly engaged in the sexual activity. The price of this drug is not available online.

How to Buy Ravana 20mg Online

Unlike the other medications of Tadalafil, Ravana is not available online. You can only purchase this drug through the local drug stores.

How to Use

This drug must be used as indicated by the doctor. However, the general guidelines to consume Tadalafil are same. The drug must be taken with a glass of water. The maximum frequency of consumption of Tadalafil is only once a day.

However, you need to take this medication an hour before the sexual activity. Do not take more than the dose as prescribed by the doctor. This might cause the severity of the side effects.

Side Effects

A headache is the most common side effect of Ravana Tadalafil. Just like all other medications, this drug also shows many other different side effects besides a headache. These side effects include flushing, facial warmth, fluctuations in blood pressure, heartburn, swelling around face and mouth, indigestion, nausea, vomiting and blurred vision.

If you feel dizziness, chest pain, sudden loss of hearing and other severe symptoms, you need to contact your doctor immediately.


Ravana, being manufactured by the Lebanese-based pharmaceutical company, Mediphar, is not a popular drug. This drug is said to be an effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient of Ravana is Tadalafil that is the revolutionary ingredient found in the treatment of erection problems. The drug is claimed to treat your erection by increasing the blood flow and relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis, thereby providing the person with the rock hard penile erection.

Unlike many other Tadalafil brands, this medication is not very popular among the customers. There is the lack of reviews from customers for this drug, that do not let us assume that this drug is effective and equally safe. So, it is really hard to trust this medication. Moreover, this drug is not available online and is not listed on Directory of Pharmaceutical Companies, released by the Lebanese Government, and is not mentioned in any documents by the US FDA.

With such doubts in mind, this drug is not at all recommended for your use. Only use this medication following the prescription of your doctor. Considering all such discussion, we rate Ravana 1 out of 5.

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