Thursday, September 24, 2020
Pro-Agra 100mg Review: Sildenafil Brand with no Online Presence

  • Brand: Pro-Agra
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Bio-Baxy Technologies
  • Country of Manufacture: India

Pro-Agra by Bio-Baxy Technologies

Pro-Agra by Bio-Baxy Technologies

Review and Description

If you are looking for male enhancement pills to improve your relationship with your partner, then you may consider choosing an erectile dysfunction treating brand, e.g. Pro-Agra. These pills are one of the temporary treatments for erectile dysfunction available on the market, which contain the active ingredient ‘Sildenafil Citrate’, which is known to increase blood flow in the body, especially in male reproductive part. The increased blood flow in penis allows it to remain erect for a period of time to avoid dysfunction.

Pro-Agra might be a good supplement for those not able to maintain a healthy relationship with their partner due to the fact of suffering from erectile dysfunction. Now, with this drug, you would be able to fulfill all sexual desires and meet your partner’s expectations by preventing weak erection during sexual intercourse and premature ejaculation.

Pro-Agra is manufactured by Bio-Baxy Technologies from India. It is a relatively unknown pharmaceutical manufacturer with no public information that can be added to their credibility profile.

Customer Reviews

Pro-Agra is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical producer, but we have not found any customer reviews available online for this sildenafil brand. Customer reviews are the best way to check the safety and efficacy of a drug. However, even after a thorough research, we are unable to gather any data on the effectiveness of these pills, and its ratings according to its actual customers who have used this drug to treat ED.

The lack of the reviews for any of the product makes it very hard for the buyers to develop trust for a particular treatment. Especially, in the case of medicines, an unconfirmed treatment may pose a number of threats to its consumers. Often, a brand is hard to trust if the customer reviews are not available online, and this is the case with Pro- Agra. The lack of reviews makes it difficult for the prospective customers to decide whether this medication efficient or not. We recommend you to take extra precautions before buying this product, or simply choose a more credible alternative brand.

Pricing and Dosage

Pro-Agra is classified as the generic Viagra, as it contains the same active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate that is known to be an effective ingredient in many other generic Viagra pills to fight ED. Twenty eight tablets of Pro-Agra cost $29.40, i.e. $1 for a single piece of this pill.

Pro-Agra cost

Pro-Agra cost

It is recommended to take these pills as advised by a doctor. The usual dose for Sildenafil is 50 mg two tablets twice in a day or one 100 mg before 30 minutes to 1 hour of sexual intercourse. However, keep in mind not to take more than a pill in a day.

How to Buy Pro-Agra 100mg online

After extensive online research we have found only one website where you can purchase this drug online.

You need to consult your doctor before taking a risk of getting this brand, as there are no customer reviews available for this treatment online. It is better to seek for another reputed brand with proven efficacy available online.

How to Use

Remember, this medicine might interact with your hypertension medications or with drugs for HIV and AIDS. You need to take this medicine as prescribed by the doctor, one 100mg tablet once a day before 30 minutes to 1 hour of sexual intercourse. Generally, Pro-Agra is taken orally with plenty of water. The medicine should not be taken more than once a day, and it is advisable to consume it when you are sexually stimulated or before an hour of sexual intercourse.

Side Effects

Like all the other medications, Pro- Agra is also causing some of its side effects that the consumers might take into consideration before its consumption. The minor side effects of this drug include headache, nausea, irritation, dizziness, vomiting, and flushing; while on the other hand, some worst side effects appear in the form of abnormal heart rate, bleeding, chest pain and blurred vision. You should contact your doctor if you notice any of these severe symptoms.


Pro-Agra is claimed to be a temporary treatment for ED that might help you to restore your erection in a short time span. This product is manufactured by an internationally unrecognized pharmaceutical company from India. The manufacturer may be known in the local Indian market, but we have not found anything credible about its profile that could compensate the lack of reviews online. Without customers reviews the product cannot be relied upon for using to treat your dysfunction. Because of customer reviews absence, it becomes tough for us to support its efficacy. Moreover, we found only one webpage to order this product online.

Due to the lack of online customer reviews we cannot gamble whether Pro-Agra is effective to treat erectile dysfunction or not. We highly recommend taking extra precautions while considering this drug as the effectiveness and hazards are not yet confirmed by its actual consumers. Taking its unpopularity into account, we are rating this product 1 out 5. Choosing another reputed brand might be a better option for you in this case.

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