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Pharmacy Mall Review – We Recommend Using this Good Pharmacy Network!

Pharmacy Mall, one of the famed internet pharmacy networks, is our focus today. For those in the dark about what “pharmacy networks” are, internet pharmacy networks like Pharmacy Mall are a group of identical-looking online pharmacies with varying web addresses. Online drugstore networks have a goal of directing as much traffic as possible to their main processing site—although pharmacy network websites have different addresses, buyers are redirected to one main order processing page.

Buyers may find it hard processing that these stores are legit, but actually, they are. However, despite their good true nature, some scammers are taking advantage of their existence—scam operators typically disguise their nefarious sites as members of a particular online pharmacy network. Instead of the buyers being directed to the network’s main site, they end up using fake websites created to look like the genuine network pharmacy stores.

Because of this risk, buyers should be aware of the specific websites belonging to the pharmacy network so they avoid running into fake domains set-up by scam operators. Consumers may find curated website lists helpful, just like our list of TOP Online Pharmacies, which includes specific network pharmacy shops that are safe to use.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

It is essential for buyers to evaluate online drugstores (even online drugstore networks) using their existing reviews. Because this was exactly what we thought of, we tried looking for available customer testimonials for any Pharmacy Mall website on the internet. Sure enough, we found several customer reviews posted for the sake of other buyers wanting to get an idea of the service rendered by Pharmacy Mall sites.

Here are some of the Pharmacy Mall website comments from their consumers:

Pharmacy Mall Comments

Pharmacy Mall Comments

Buyers often commented about the delivery of Pharmacy Mall stores. According to one user, the “delivery was OK”—although the comment was brief, the buyer did not complain about the service and hence had a good time with the Pharmacy Mall store he used.

Another customer mentioned that his order got delivered on time and that everything was “ok”. This buyer even mentioned that he was happy because of his successful experience with the Pharmacy Mall store he’s been to.

In another comment, one buyer also mentioned about the Pharmacy Mall drugstore having an easy order process.

All in all, customers were well-pleased with their Pharmacy Mall experiences.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Pharmacy Mall websites all look the same—they have the characteristic blue-white hued store with modest fonts and product images. All Pharmacy Mall sites have a list of products categorized by medical condition, a dedicated search function, and a list of medicines arranged from A to Z. Despite all the similarities, Pharmacy Mall stores have different web addresses, which may be confusing to most users.

Pharmacy Mall Storefront

Pharmacy Mall Storefront

Pharmacy Mall stores have the same best-selling medicines posted on their front page which included the following medicines:

  • Viagra (generic): $0.27/pill
  • Cialis (generic): $0.68/pill
  • ED Sample Pack 1: $2.31/pill
  • Brand Viagra: $2.56/pill
  • Propecia (generic): $0.51/pill

All of the Pharmacy Mall stores are able to dispense both Rx and OTC medicines even without the buyers providing their prescriptions. However, buyers are strongly recommended to consult their doctors before using any product purchased on Pharmacy Mall.

Medicines sold by Pharmacy Mall shops are approved by at least their manufacturer country’s local Food and Drug Administration, which guarantees the safety of the medicines for therapeutic use.

Pharmacy Mall websites are able to send the prescription orders to patients all over the world. Customers can choose the basic shipping option ($9.95) or the express shipping option ($19.95) depending on their preference for the transit of their orders.

As for payment options, buyers may find Pharmacy Mall’s options limiting: the stores only accept credit or debit payments through VISA or MasterCard labeled cards. However, the network having these payment options is actually a good sign—buyers paying via credit cards will find it easier to contest their card charges should a need arise.

Although the network stores are not as aesthetically impressive as their present contemporaries, Pharmacy Mall shops are still commendable for their age—they have started operating in 1997 and are still active to this day, indicating an immense staying power for the shops involved in this Pharmacy Mall network.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Fortunately for buyers intending to place their purchases on Pharmacy Mall, the buyers can use a special coupon from one Pharmacy Mall site:

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Code

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Code

Using the code IL-9158, buyers are entitled to an extra 10% off their purchases at Pharmacy Mall sites. This discount code may be applied during checkout and will work on top of other promotional offers from Pharmacy Mall sites.

Customers may also enjoy other deals from Pharmacy Mall stores like for instance, complimentary pills, free shipping, bulk order discounts, and several others.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Buyers can use the following numbers to reach out to Pharmacy Mall shops:

  • 1-718-487-9792
  • 4420-3239-7092

Besides these numbers, customers can also use Pharmacy Mall’s messaging function to reach out to the staff for any inquiry or concern.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Since its inception in 1997, the Pharmacy Mall network shops have not been involved in spamming activities, as proved by the network’s pristine online reputation. No complaints about this network are present on the web, which gives us a hint about the network’s excellent service history.


Pharmacy Mall is an online drugstore network created in 1997 and has since helped buyers get the best prices for the medicines they needed. The stores involved in the Pharmacy Mall network look the same and have the same content, but have different addresses; but though this is the case, orders gathered by every Pharmacy Mall site are forwarded to one main processing center. Only good reviews exist for this network and no bad records linking the network to scam and spam reports exist online. Because of this, we recommend using Pharmacy Mall to buyers interested in purchasing their medicines online. Rating for Pharmacy Mall: 5 out of 5.

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