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Online Pills Review – Generic Medicines of the Highest Quality
Online Pills Store

Online Pills Store

The medicine prices at the local pharmacies today are no joke. People literally spend hundreds of dollars just for a few pills of the medicines that they need when there’s a source like Online Pills that offers them drugs of the same quality for prices which are much less. Yes, Online Pills offer drugs at amazingly low prices and customers only have to spend a fraction of the amount of money that they used to spend. If local pharmacies push for the sale of the costly branded medications, Online Pills encourage and educate their customers about the benefits of using generic medications. Not only will the patients get the exact same effects that they get from the branded drugs in using generic but they will literally save for as much as 90% of their usual expenditures.

But unlike what some people think, the medicines sold by Online Pills are not only “cheap”. These drugs may have very low price tags but these drugs are in no way pushovers. The generic medicines of Online Pills are approved by the Food and Drug Administration which means that these drugs have undergone the same rigorous quality screenings as the branded drugs. Since generic meds have the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts and also identical in formulation and dosage strengths, users can expect same results in using them. But since generics and branded drugs are of the same ingredients, users will also get the same risks and side effects.

Online Pills Reviews

Piter N. from Italy was simply pleased with the shipment of his orders and the customer service that he got from Online Pills. Because of this, he looks forward to reordering his medicines from its site in the near future. Regarding the shipping of Piter’s order, we can only guess as to why he was pleased but it would be very easy since Online Pills is known for delivering the orders of its customers really quick. It commits itself to fulfilling its promised timeframe for their customer’s order delivery. It offers the express mail service option which allows the customers to get their meds the soonest time possible. The waiting time for the express mail service is only 3 to 8 days and it’s very possible for the clients to get their meds the same week that they have ordered them.

Online Pills User Testimonials

Online Pills User Testimonials

The speedy shipping of Online Pills is also the reason for the review that Barbara from Sweden has provided. She was surprised that her order came much sooner than what she has expected. She even mentions that it was even better than what Online Pills have advertised. Aside from the express mail service, Online Pills also offer the standard airmail option which usually takes 2 to 3 weeks before arriving to the customer’s destination. The 3-week waiting time is already the maximum since orders shipped via standard airmail usually arrive within 2 weeks. Barbara is 100% satisfied with her experience at Online Pills.

If Barbara was happy with the customer service she got, Jacob from France lauds the fast and very helpful customer service personnel that Online Pills have. As he was ordering his meds on its site, he encountered an issue where he couldn’t get his orders processed due to a technical issue. So what he did is he phoned the customer service department to ask for assistance and behold, his orders got processed in no time. Jacob also adds that he managed to receive his orders quickly and didn’t have to wait for very long before he received them.

Another customer from France named Alex likes Online Pills because of the constant updates that he is getting. After his orders got processed, he has received constant updates regarding the status of his package up until the day before it arrived. It gave Alex great peace of mind knowing that his orders are constantly being monitored by Online Pills until he receives them. By saying that Online Pills sends things fast, it would also be correct to say that Alex has received his orders quickly. He also adds that Online Pills has a great selection of products to choose from.

Online Pills Online

Due to Online Pills’ nature as a pharmacy network, customers will inevitably encounter other pharmacy domains which have the same appearance and content as its site. But this is perfectly OK since all of these network sites operate under one server. Though orders will be made at different pharmacy domains of Online Pills, all of them will still be processed on a single server where all payments and other processes are sorted out. Customers can expect that all of these network sites of Online Pills are 100% identical to one another except for the domain name, of course.

Online Pills Website

Online Pills Website

Online Pills Coupon Codes

Customers get a big bonus when they manage to purchase meds with an amount totaling to over $200 USD. Online Pills will be waiving its shipping fees and will be sending the orders free of any charges which are additional savings for the customer. Aside from the free shipping for orders above $200 USD in total cost, customers will also get a discount of 10%.

Online Pills Free Shipping Deal

Online Pills Free Shipping Deal

Online Pills Phone Numbers

Some buyers will unavoidably be needing help with the ordering process or have some questions about its site that’s why Online Pills have made customer service hotlines ready 24/7. These hotlines are +1 718 487 9792 and +4420 3239 7092 and clients can call them anytime. They can also be sure that there will always be someone to receive their call to provide them with superb assistance for their concerns.

Online Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Clients don’t have to fear giving their contact details such as their phone numbers or their emails to Online Pills since it is a store that handles their contact information with confidentiality. Online Pills would never give them a call or send emails voluntarily. The only time when they will be receiving a call is if it has been requested by them.


Customers can always rely on Online Pills to provide them with the cheapest and the best medicines that their money could ever buy. It is a store dedicated to helping customers with their drug needs and provides only the generic medicines of the highest quality. Its customer service is also superb, making things easier for all of their clients. Online Pills gets a of 5 out of 5 for its overall rating. Clients can also check our top recommended providers for more.

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