Nizagara Review: Affordable Treatment to Erectile Dysfunction

  • Brand: Nizagara
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd. (Combitic Global)
  • Country of Manufacture: India

Nizagara by Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd.

Nizagara by Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd.

Review and Description

Among numeric male enhancement products, Nizagara, manufactured by Combitic Global, is a promising brand. There is a number of marriages and relationships that got broken as a result of Erectile Dysfunction, but now we can witness many solutions on the pharmaceutical arena to address this problem. Nizagara is the product that can help men to get rid of all the dysfunction problem.

The best indication of Nizagara is against erectile dysfunction and male impotence. This product helps to increase the blood flow to a male reproductive part and allows for erection to last for the maximum possible period. The “erection pill”, Nizagara, contains Sildenafil citrate that is phosphodiesterase type 5- inhibitor that helps to enhance the blood flow to all the parts of the body including penis to achieve and maintain erection during sexual intercourse.

Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd., now widely known as Combitic Global is behind the creation of Nizagara. The company is famous for providing effective medications all across India.

Customer Reviews

According to most of the customers, who are using this drug as a treatment for ED, it works effectively. As the product contains the active ingredient, Sildenafil citrate, it has amazing results for most of the people. According to one review we can conclude that someone’s personal life just got better, “he and his wife are completely satisfied and happy with the results that Nizagara offered. It is the similar product of that of Viagra, but having a different name and cheaper price. “

According to another customer named Michael, “Nizagara pills are much better and take only 30 to 45 minutes to work”.

On the other hand, some of its customers found this product to be “sucking” with no visible positive effects.

We did not find many reviews and testimonials about Nizagara, but the below-referred reviews have proved to be helpful in understanding that the product got a mix of positive and negative reviews.

Nizagara Feedback

Nizagara Feedback

Nizagara Consumer Review

Nizagara Consumer Review

Pricing and Dosage

The pricing of the drug seems affordable considering the effect. Besides having Sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient, Nizagara also contains an array of ingredients including Sodium Starch Glycolate, Poly Ethyl Glycol, Magnesium Stearate and many others that provide a great combo to treat Erectile Dysfunction. In order to get maximum results, you need to take only a single pill in 24 hours. Excessive dose can cause side effects. So, excessive dosage must be avoided to ensure better results.

All these benefits are offered with the price tag of $3.69 per pill (100mg). 50 mg pills (30) can be bought in $93.74. While a pack of 30 pills of 100 mg can be purchased in $100.68.

Nizagara 100 mg Pricing

Nizagara 100 mg Pricing

Nizagara 50 mg Pricing

Nizagara 50 mg Pricing

Nizagara 25 mg Pricing

Nizagara 25 mg Pricing

Nizagara Prices

Nizagara Prices

How to Buy Nizagara online

For anyone, who wants to buy Nizagara, it is here to inform you that, you can buy this product online or from any local drug store nearby you. Nizagara is available in all the international stores as well.

If you want the maximum results during your sexual intercourse, you need to get these ED pills with your doctor’s prescription.

How to Use

It is essential to follow the guidelines mentioned by your physician while taking Nizagara. You can also check the packaging to get idea of the dosage of this drug. It is really important not to take more than one pill a day. If the tablet is taken earlier than 24 hours, you might have to suffer from serious effects.

Side Effects

Just like all the other drugs, Nizagara also gives a number of side effects to its users. However, its side effects are not that severe. Common side reactions of this drug may include: Headache, Nausea, Pain, Swelling, Vomiting, Bleeding from Nose.

The severe side effects of this drug are pain in the chest area with prolonged use, grave allergic reactions or collapse. If you suffer from any of these reactions, you need to call your doctor immediately.


As advertised by the manufacturer the drug is worth every single penny. If you are suffering from ED on a regular basis, you need to take these pills for sure, as they are clinically proven analog for Viagra. Nizagara is the product for those patients who are not into daily doses and want something with immediate results. You definitely want to contact your doctor before taking these pills and to find out about side effects of this drug.

Customers who have used this product might not be fully satisfied with its effects, but they have not shown resentment towards this drug either. The drug surely helps improve sexual adequacy of men and for this reason, Nizagara is awarded 3 out of 5 stars. The ranking is based on the customer reviews, active ingredients, benefits offered and affordability.


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