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Nexofil 50/100mg Sildenafil Review: Unknown Brand with No Online Reputation

  • Brand: Nexofil
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Nexo
  • Country of Manufacture: Argentina

Nexofil by Nexo

Nexofil by Nexo

Review and Description

Erection is the main thing that men wish in bed to perform better with their partners. But having no erection poses serious problems to not only men but also to their relationship. Having no erection is not a problem anymore. With the emerging advancements in the medical sciences, scientists have found a variety of treatments to erectile dysfunction.

Among array of treatments, Sildenafil is the one common in number of popular drugs that restores the impaired erection with its unique mechanism. Sildenafil is an oral therapy used by the men for the temporary treatment of erectile dysfunction that is caused by a broad range of causes. Sildenafil, by selectively inhibiting PDE5, it allows the corpus cavernosum’s smooth muscles to relax, causing it to erect during sexual stimulation. This ingredient, Sildenafil, not only relaxes muscles but also releases the blood tension among the body and improves the blood flow towards the penis to achieve better and longer erection.

Sildenafil, being an effective treatment of erectile dysfunction is used in number of drugs. Our today’s consideration is Nexofil. Nexofil is an Argentinian brand that is manufactured by a company, Nexo. Nexo is not a popular and due its lack of sight on internet, we were unable to collect much information for that.

Customer Reviews

Erectile dysfunction can surely be treated and its one treatment that is in our consideration is Nexofil. Nexofil is a brand name manufactured by a company based in Argentina, Nexo. The company is not virtually famous on internet. In order to check the evidences that show that Nexofil is safe and completely good to use, the reviews from customers are obligatory.

Unfortunately, with no mark on internet, Nexofil also failed to get reviews from the actual customers who have used this medication. This means, the drug is not having any testimonials and statements that show that drug is effective and safe to use. Having information about a single ingredient in the drug does not let us predict that efficacy and the safety of the drug. So it is advised to not to use Nexofil without consulting your doctor. This might harm your health and can even prove fatal for you.

Pricing and Dosage

The price of the drug is far less than other popular medications containing Sildenafil Citrate. A pack of 4 tablets of 100 mg Nexofil is easily available in just a price of $37.97. You can also buy 100 mg pills in a pack of 12 or 24 with the varied amount.

Nexofil Costs

Nexofil Costs

As far as dosage of Nexofil is concerned, it is highly recommended not to use more than 100 mg tablet once a day. This excessive dosage might worsen the severity of side effects and can threaten your sexuality. So, the recommended dosage of this drug is 50 mg and can be increased up to 100 mg according to penile response.

How to Buy Nexofil 50/100mg Sildenafil Online

As the drug is having no online repute, it is recommended to use this medication only on advice of your doctor. When prescribed by a highly qualified doctor, you can buy this medication from the local drug store or by visiting the link of the following online pharmacy.

How to Use

Sildenafil is always recommended to use an hour before the sexual activity. So, Nexofil should be taken about 60 minutes before the sexual intercourse in order to gain maximum results.

You can take this medication with the glass of water or with the food. However, fatty meals must be avoided that can delay the effect of medication. Alcohol must not be used when using Nexofil, as erection might not occur with its use.

Side Effects

The common side effects of Nexofil are temporary and usually vanish in few hours after their appearance. These temporary side effects include headache, flushing, nausea, indigestion, vomiting, blurred vision, slight dizziness, and facial warmth. While its adverse reactions might include sudden vision changes, hearing loss, faintness, severe dizziness, low blood pressure, increased heart rate and chest pain. You need to contact your doctor immediately in case of these symptoms.


The drug, Nexofil, is not very popular among the people and on the internet, so its manufacturer, Nexo. But with its active ingredient, Sildenafil, this drug can be quite effective. The active ingredient of Nexofil is Sildenafil, that when combined with citrate gives the ultimate response to sexual stimulation and might erect for the longer time by improving the blood flow in penis and by relaxing the smooth muscles and arteries of penis.

The drug containing Sildenafil is recommended to take almost an hour before the sexual intercourse in order to produce maximum results. However, due to the lack of the customer reviews and online reputation of this drug, you need to be highly careful while using this drug. Do not use Nexofil unless prescribed by a highly qualified doctor. Otherwise, the risk of its adverse reactions might prove fatal for your health and life. In regards to all of the above discussion, Nexofil is rated 1, on the scale of 1 to 5.

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