Mysecuretabs Review – A Pharmacy Network that Makes It Easy to Order Even for Newbies

If you have been looking at modern online pharmacies recently, you may have noticed that the sites look too intimidating for someone who has never ordered medications online before. But, wait until you see the look that Mysecuretabs drugstore sites have below:

Mysecuretabs Home

Mysecuretabs Home

You will agree with us that the above is the simplest look you can ever get for an online drugstore. The sites in the Mysecuretabs drugstore network were created back in 2001. This may be the reason as to why these sites usually spot really simple looks. This may be boring to people who find graphics appealing. But on the other hand, the look is better since it allows people to save time when they are ordering their drugs.

The pharmacy network is known to offer the cheapest meds on the internet. Their drugs usually cost over 90% cheaper than what the local stores sell their meds. It is important to note that these meds have the same quality as the drugs that people buy from the local drug stores.

You have to be very cautious and watch all the web addresses you are using to load drugstore network websites. It is a common practice for scammers to steal the look and design that pharmacy network websites have. They know that these sites have a huge number of people buying from them. When they use the design they steal, you will never know when you are on scam sites. You will come to know that you got scammed when all your money is gone and your credit card data has been stolen.

Mysecuretabs Reviews

Everyone can start an online pharmacy. However, to earn good reviews, the owner has to put in a lot of work, offer quality meds and quick delivery. We decided to know the kind of services Mysecuretabs network sites offer. To determine this, we had to look for reviews. We were surprised to find that a pharmacy network as old as Mysecuretabs has never had anyone write a negative about them. All the reviews were positive with consumers indicating how happy they were to get their meds delivered to them on time and the low prices they had to pay. Here are some of the reviews:

Mysecuretabs Testimonials

Mysecuretabs Testimonials

After Jacob from France failed to make the website process his order, he called the Mysecuretabs support team. These guys helped him out. The service he received was quick. He paid for regular shipping but his meds did not take too long before they arrived.

Alex is happy with the Canadian Pharmacy Limited which runs Mysecuretabs pharmacy network. The team kept him up to date about his order. The drugs were delivered pretty fast and he managed to receive a great selection. The pharmacy network has always managed to deliver meds to Mark in France within a period that does not exceed 10 days. Mark never had any trouble with the customs and the meds he received were always perfect.

Mysecuretabs Online

The customer support department is always available to answer your questions. They operate on 24/7 basis and hence no matter when you call in, someone will always answer your call. It is important to note that the drugstore network offers a large number of drugs. this makes it easy for you to get what you need. The only people who will not be served are the ones who want controlled drugs, narcotics or medications known to be addictive.

You will not need to fax in a prescription script when you are purchasing your meds from any of the Mysecuretabs network sites. However, it is always advisable to buy meds you know how to use. If you don’t know how to use the meds, try and get a doctor to prescribe them to you before using them to avoid overdosing or other complications.

Since payments are usually done on a secure site, you will not need to worry about you losing your data to hackers. You get redirected at checkout to a site that has incorporated a 256-bit encryption to make your payment. To pay for your meds, you need either a VISA or a Mastercard.

Mysecuretabs Coupon Codes

The first chance to save money became apparent when we checked the price list of one of the meds. We noticed that as the number of pills increased, the price we had to pay for each pill kept reducing. In the end, when you buy in bulk, you save a lot of money. There was a coupon on all the sites which allowed buyers to not pay 10% of their medication costs. The following is the coupon:

When you purchase medications that you have to pay a minimum of 200 dollars for, your airmail shipping is waived. You also receive an automatic 10% discount.

Mysecuretabs Phone Numbers

Calling is a great way to connect with the support department when you need to get an answer for any of your queries. Mysecuretabs drugstore network gives you this ability. You can call using either +1 718 718 487 9792 or +4420 3239 7092. If you don’t want to call, sending an email is as easy of typing your message in the form available in Mysecuretabs contact page.

Mysecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

Based on the fact that no one on the whole web has complained about being spammed by Mysecuretabs sites, we conclude that there is no spamming in Mysecuretabs drugstore network. You get emailed only when there is the need to do so.


Mysecuretabs is a 5-star chain of online med stores. The sites operating under this network are all legal. The pharmacies are approved to operate by both CIPA and MIPA. They never deliver fake drugs. If they ever did, they would be evidence online. They always make sure that their customers are satisfied. Drugs originating from this pharmacy network are known to arrive earlier than expected.

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