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Erectol Sildenafil 100 mg /Forte /Plus Review: Not Internationally Available ED Pills

  • Brand: Erectol
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Northia
  • Country of Manufacture: Argentina

Erectol by Northia

Erectol by Northia

Review and Description

Erectol is a brand of Sildenafil citrate manufactured by Northia Laboratories. The drug is commonly used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and less commonly used in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. The drug belongs to a class of drugs called Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDEIs). The drug therefore inhibits Phosphodiesterase-5, an enzyme that breaks down cGMP, leading to vasoconstriction. As the drug inhibits Phosphodiesterase-5, the levels of cGMP increase and thus promote vasodilation. Vasodilation is important in this case since erectile dysfunction is caused by vasoconstriction of the penile blood vessels. Vasodilation will make the penis available to contain more blood, thereby inducing penile erection.

The manufacturer of Erectol, Northia Laboratories, is located in Argentina. Northia Laboratories manufacture and supply drugs mainly to hospitals, sanatoriums, clinics and emergency rooms. They manufacture a wide range of drugs from anti-infective to cardiovascular drugs. Northia Laboratories markets its products mainly at a national scale but covers provinces and municipalities as well. The company is therefore committed to make drugs accessible in the country’s medical centers.

Customer Reviews

Given that Erectol is a widely marketed drug in the country, there were no reviews found online. We may suggest that Erectol lacks online marketing or the country does not allow selling prescription drugs online. We cannot guarantee the credibility of the product.

What we do know is that Sildenafil citrate is a widely known drug to treat erectile dysfunction, but its main use in the past was a treatment of pulmonary hypertension. The drug’s effect on erectile dysfunction is widely documented as studies were done about its effectiveness. Erectol’s manufacturer, Northia Laboratories, is a known drug manufacturer in Argentina, therefore the credibility of the company may support the credibility of the product. Another plus would be that Northia Laboratories manufactures drugs for cardiovascular disorders, and Sildenafil citrate is classified under antihypertensive.

Pricing and Dosage

Erectol is available in tablet form. In the website above, the drug is available in 50 mg and 100 mg doses and available as 4, 10, and 20 tablets per pack. The prices are as follows: 10 tablets of 100 mg dose cost $317.20 USD, and 4 tablets of 50 mg doses cost $94.64 USD.

Erectol Pricing

Erectol Pricing

The usual dose of Erectol for erectile dysfunction is 50 mg once or twice a day, one hour before sexual activity. The geriatric dose is 25 mg orally once a day, one hour before sexual activity.

How to Buy Erectol Sildenafil 100 mg /Forte /Plus Online

There were no e-commerce websites found online where you can buy Erectol, but the drug is available locally in Argentina. A prescription may or may not be needed depending on the pharmacy’s policies on prescription and OTC drugs. As this may be the case, you must consult your physician prior to use.

How to Use

Erectol is a tablet, so it should be swallowed whole. It is highly recommended to take it with a glass of water to ensure passage in the esophagus.

Caution must be taken when the patient has a history of heart and chest problems, as the drug may exacerbate the problems. Patients with renal and hepatic impairment must also be monitored as the drug may cause toxicity to the patient. Dosing adjustments are necessary. It is prohibited to take more than 100mg in a day.

Side Effects

Erectol may pose some side effects depending on the user. These side effects include blurring or distortion of vision, ringing in the ear, dizziness, chest pains similar to angina pectoris, shortness of breath, and painful erections that last for hours. When these occur, stop taking the drug and consult your physician.

There are less common side effects. These include redness of the face, neck and chest, stuffy nose similar to allergic rhinitis and common cold, headaches, memory problems, epigastric and back pain. If these occur, consult your physician for further assessment.


Erectol is a brand drug containing Sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. Erectol is sold in Argentina, so there were no customer reviews online as the drug is marketed locally. The drug manufacturer, Northia Laboratories, is a known drug manufacturer in Argentina especially in hospitals, sanatoriums, and clinics. They produce high quality drugs and market them on a municipal, provincial, and national scale. The company manufactures different drugs of different lines such as cardiology, neurology, anesthesiology, rheumatology, emergency medicine, and coronary care. Since Northia Laboratories manufacture cardiovascular drugs, it would suggest that they are also credible in manufacturing Erectol. The company is established some 50 years ago, so innovations were made to improve product quality and accessibility by supplying hospitals with their products. This would mean that patients will not be required to buy drugs outside of hospitals, minimizing risks in health with regards to drug therapy.

With that, we rate this drug 2 out of 5. The reason for the average rating would be the fact that the product is not sold internationally, thereby reducing drug availability. Another reason is a lack of customer reviews. Consulting your physician is highly recommended for proper diagnosis and to prevent future complications when using the product.

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