Friday, April 3, 2020
Cheap Rx Review – A Pioneer Pharmacy Network with Great Customer Service

The cheap Rx Pharmacy network is run by a Company known as the Canadian Pharmacy Limited. Even though the network’s about page does not necessarily state that the pharmacy network headquarter is in Canada, we can depict from the owning company name that this where the med store network is located. Canada has bodies which regulate how online pharmacies operate. A good pharmacy network should have accreditation from these bodies. The Cheap Rx pharmacy network has already been accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Manitoba International Pharmacist Association (MIPA). This proves the network’s legitimacy.

The network uses numerous web addresses. This helps the Canadian Pharmacy Limited get more clients. This is an advantage as well as a liability especially to people who are new to dealing with the Cheap Rx pharmacy network. Some of the domain names that lead to sites which look exactly like the Cheap Rx websites are not owned by the Canadian Pharmacy Limited but scammers. You will think that you are ordering from one of the pharmacies you have been ordering from but in the real sense, you will be getting stolen from without realizing it. The only solution we can provide you with is to tell you to only focus on using domain addresses which have been investigated by experts and proven to belong to the Cheap Rx med store network.

Cheap Rx Reviews

We decided to see whether Cheap Rx pharmacies lived up to the expectations we had about them after checking their site for the first time. To achieve this, we had to check the pharmacy network reviews. We searched for these and located a large number of them. 100% of the reviews were positive. Here are some of them:

Cheap Rx User Testimonials

Cheap Rx User Testimonials

Although Barbara’s order had to be shipped all the way to Sweden, Barbara confirms that the order arrived sooner than she was expecting. She also confirms that the Cheap Rx pharmacy network does not attract customers using advertisements and then deliver something completely different. What she received had the same qualities as what the advertisement had indicated.

Jacob was stuck while placing his order. He called the customer support department. He indicates they were helpful. They delivered his medications to him in France fast. Alex is happy with the services that Cheap Rx pharmacy network provides. A great selection of medication is always delivered to him on time.

Cheap Rx Online

Two things are extremely important for people when they are ordering their meds from an online pharmacy network. These are privacy and the safety by which the payments are handled. Cheap Rx pharmacy network usually handles all these things properly. To address privacy, this pharmacy network will deliver your drugs in a package that resembles a gift. There will be no names of the drugs you bought or even their prices. The only thing that will be visible is the delivery address. Also, the names of the drugs that you pay for using your credit cards are not reflected in the Credit Card statement.

Cheap Rx Main Page

Cheap Rx Main Page

To pay for your meds, you will need to have either a Mastercard or a VISA credit card. This is an advantage to the buyer. The payments are processed quickly using these two methods and this gives you the ability to dispute your charges. This allows you to feel comfortable since your money will never get lost.

The Cheap Rx pharmacy network will always offer you a refund if you deserve one. For example, if they make a mistake and your package never reaches you, they will reship the product without charging you a dime. If you prefer a refund, you will receive this refund within a period of 5 days to a week. Buying meds from the pharmacy network is not hard at all. You can predict this by looking at the simple homepage that we have indicated above. Adding your products to the cart and checking them out will not take too much of your time.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

The first offer we noticed was when we added some products to the cart. These are the products that we added:

Cheap Rx Discounts

Cheap Rx Discounts

The first thing we noted is that there was an automatic 10% discount that had been applied. We were also offered a chance to receive free pills. We had the chance to choose between 10 pills of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Since our order exceeded 200 dollars, the Airmail shipping charges were waived. Also, since the order was more than $300, the EMS shipping charges got waived. The network allowed us to pay less for each pill when we increased the number of pills we decided to add to the cart.

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

The Cheap Rx pharmacies utilize two phone numbers. The support agents will also respond to your queries as quickly as possible if you decide to email them instead of calling. To send them an email, you need to load their contact page which has a contact form. Fill out your details in the contact form and send your email. The phone numbers are +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092.

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

If there are people who have ever received spam phone calls from the Cheap Rx network, there would be records about it on the web. Given that there are no records, it can only mean that there are no people who have been spammed.


You will get your medications delivered to you on time when you use the Cheap Rx network drug stores. You will receive high-quality services from the network customer service. If you are stuck with your order which is highly unlikely given how easy ordering is while you are using the Cheap Rx network, you will receive help immediately. Given that the pharmacy network offers free re-shipping of non-received packages and refunds when the need arises, there is no reason to get worried when you are dealing with the network. The pharmacy can only be rated 5 stars.

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