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Ceebis Tadalafil Review: High Efficacy with Low Side Effects

  • Brand: Ceebis
  • Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Cooper Pharma Limited
  • Country of Manufacture:India

Ceebis by Cooper Pharma Limited

Ceebis by Cooper Pharma Limited

Review and Description

Tadalafil, first used in the brand name Cialis, is adopted for many years as the most effective medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is defined as the incapability of men of keeping a hard erected penis for the sexual intercourse. Tadalafil does the job by loosening the muscles of the penis, allowing blood to flow to the penis with larger amount, and therefore, it guarantees a good erection for the penis and maintains such erection for a prolonged period of time. Tadalafil showed higher efficacy as it lasts for 36 hours in the blood, compared to Sildenafil that last only for 4 hours, and it has lower recorded side effects compared to the alternative erectile dysfunction treatments.

The use of Tadalafil can overcome the erectile dysfunction due to diabetes mellitus, high blood cholesterol ratio, and those caused by some bad habits affecting the strength of erection in men, such as smoking and alcohol abuse.

Ceebis is the generic of Cialis, containing Tadalafil as active ingredient, so it works perfectly in the majority of erectile dysfunction cases. This drug is manufactured by Cooper Pharma Limited, a well known pharmaceutical company accredited by many countries. It is a holder of various certifications which makes it a well trusted company working in the pharmaceutical field.

Customer Reviews

Our online research offers some customer reviews and most of them are recommending the drug, describing its efficacy for treating erectile dysfunction. Some reviewers even said that the efficacy is proven with just half of the recommended dose.

However, some clients were complaining about slow shipping, and one client gave the product a very low rating, stating that it didn’t work even after one and half tablet.

Adam, a reviewer, said that “Ceebis works very well- I could feel the onset of it working after 30 minutes” also he said: “I have tried many other brands”, here he was showing the High efficacy of the product and he even compared it to other products proving the quality of Ceebis. However he added “The only gripe is that shipping was quite slow” this can be taken as a negative point on the seller not on the product itself.

David, a reviewer, said clearly: “No doubt about it; I can’t compare brands but I will say that this particular one absolutely works, 100 percent” he is affirming the high efficacy of the product, David added as well: “Even Chopping it in half and using 10 mg seems to do the trick” all his words are giving a very good opinion about Ceebis. He said as well: I also have a fast metabolism and moderately fast heart rate” this is one of the side effects of Tadalafil in general.

Evin, a reviewer, expressed a totally bad opinion about the product, he mentioned that he prefers the American brands over it, as he said :”I am gonna have to buy the American stuff ” and “didn’t work at all”.

Ceebis Customer Experience

These reviews gave us an image and a feed on the product, even though there was a bad ofeedback about the product, most of the reviewers were giving positive comments and affirming the very high efficacy of the product. Therefore, we recommend this product for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but after consulting a doctor to determine the drug interactions.

Pricing and Dosage

Ceebis is available in one dose of 20 mg (Tadalafil). The product can be ordered online without any prescription and it can be delivered to around 25 countries. The price range is around 0.97$ per tablet.

Ceebis Prices

Ceebis Prices

The recommended dose for erectile dysfunction is normally 20 mg of Tadalafil to be taken an hour before sexual intercourse with or without food every 3 days or as needed; the dose cannot be titrated to higher doses. Do not take Tadalafil if you are using other drugs for erectile dysfunction and consult your physician if you are taking any drug containing nitrate.

How to Buy Ceebis Tadalafil Online

There are various websites for purchasing Ceebis online and no prescription is needed for the purchase. The links are available for both internal and international delivery, the payment methods and the shipments are provided on each website.

How to Use

The product shall be taken with a glass of water an hour before the sexual intercourse every 3 days, the maximum dose as stated above is 20 mg per day.

The drug is designated for men older than 18 years old and it is totally prohibited to use the drug in women and children. Tadalafil works only following a sexual stimulation. Avoid taking the drug with plenty of alcohol as it might intensify the side effect. You shall consult your doctor prior to use in case of taking other medicines especially the nitrate containing drugs.

Side Effects

The most commonly reported adverse effects are headache, stomach upset, indigestion, abnormal vision, visual disturbances, nausea, and dizziness; side effects resembling to those appearing in Sildenafil, but with much lower tendency.

Some tadalafil side effects may not need any medical attention. As your body gets used to the medicine these side effects may disappear.

Consult your doctor or your pharmacist prior to use Ceebis, to define the drug-drug interactions.


Ceebis, manufactured by the Indian company Cooper Pharma Limited, is a generic of Tadalafil, a substance known for its very high efficacy and its wide safety margin compared to alternative erectile dysfunction treatments. Tadalafil has a similar mechanism of action to Sildenafil, it increases the blood flow to the penis, leading to erection and maintaining such erection.

Cooper Pharma Limited a well known pharmaceutical manufacturer, operating in Indian and exporting its products to various countries. This strengthens the name and the credibility of its products for the new clients. The reviews by the previous patients confirmed the high efficacy and quality of the product and, therefore, along with the positive reviews and the good reputation of this Indian company we would give a rating 4 out of 5 for this product.

We strongly advise the consultation of a doctor before taking this drug to define the contraindications and the possible drug interactions.

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