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Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Review: Effective Oral Jelly Treatment for ED

  • Brand: Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly
  • Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma
  • Country of Manufacture: India

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly by Ajanta Pharma

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly by Ajanta Pharma

Review and Description

Just like Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil is the PDE5 inhibitor that works as a pill for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is now affecting more than 140 million men all across the globe as it is a very common condition that results in the marital or relationship breaks. This condition is also called impotence in which men cannot keep or produce a harder erection for the perfect sexual intercourse.

Tadalafil provides the body with the inhibitor that men lack naturally to erect harder. So, as a temporary treatment for ED, Tadalafil is known to be a useful and functional ingredient, just like Sildenafil. Containing Tadalafil, Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is over the counter medication that is made up of water and emulsified active ingredient, Tadalafil. As an active ingredient in Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly, Tadalafil provides the men with the things that he needs to have longer lasting, stronger erections with the additional levels of testosterone in the body. Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is manufactured by a well- known Indian Pharmaceutical Company, Ajanta Pharma, which is known to provide the public with quality medications in wide variety.

Customer Reviews

Regarding the credentials of the company, Ajanta Pharma, we can affirm that Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is efficient and functions accurately as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, customer reviews are necessary to learn about the unbiased details about the product regarding the experiences of the customers.

Fe found some reviews from the first-hand customers of Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly, who have used this medication for their problem. And we have found excellent responses from the customers.

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Prices Testimonials

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Prices Testimonials

The above-captured reviews about Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly show us that the customers of this medication are completely satisfied with its results. According to its customer Mike, “the tangy taste turned me on! Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is the best drug to try for a change!” Another customer of Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly, Jack, commented that “Tried this gel for the first time and it gave me a rock harder boner.” Both reviewers found highly satisfied with this drug and recommended others to try it for a chance.

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Feedback

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Feedback

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Feedback

The two other reviewers appraised this drug further and marked its effects as “good work” and also recommended others to this drug. From these reviews, it is apparently estimated that Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is one of the effective and functional treatments for erectile dysfunction and to get a harder erection.

Pricing and Dosage

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is easy to find at online pharmacies. The jelly comes in the standard packet of 20 mg with 10 or 20 sachets. You can buy this medication at $143.68 for 10 sachets and 20 sachets at 251.15 Dollars.

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Prices

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Prices

The recommended dosage of Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is 20 mg sachet a day and you must not exceed the recommended dosage. The effects of this drug can last up to 36 hours, without any need of the booster required.

How to Buy Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly Online

As mentioned, the medication comes with the varied number of sachets per pack. You can buy Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly through a number of online pharmacies and also from local drug stores.

How to Use

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly must be consumed about half an hour before the sexual activity. You can take this drug as needed, but do not take more than one sachet on a daily basis. When taking your drug, remember to take it with a glass of water in order to get maximum results. Mealtimes are not an issue for Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly.

Side Effects

Just like other drugs, there are always the side effects that go with Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly. You can discuss the side effects of this medication with your doctor before taking the medication. Here is the list of common to rare and temporary to severe side effects of Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly.

A headache, flushing, diarrhea, indigestion, stuffy nose, facial warmth, nausea and indigestion, painful and longer erections lasting more than 4 hours, heart pain, heartburn and changes in blood pressure are most of the side effects reported by its customers. You need to seek immediate medical help in case of such side effects.


Being manufactured by Ajanta Pharma from India, Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is one of the useful and functional medications that are known to treat erection problems in men. This drug is in the form of a jelly made of the water and the emulsified active ingredient, Tadalafil. This drug is considered to be a fierce competitor to Viagra and other generic drugs, as it has excellent reputation among its customers.

Apcalis-SX 20mg Oral Jelly is showcasing some great and satisfied reviews from customers and it is quite a reasonable medication when it comes to the price. These two factors indicate that this drug is a safe medication. As an effective treatment for ED, this medication is highly recommendable. But it is wiser decision to always do your own research when you are about to purchase any drug.

Based on the above-discussed points and the effectiveness, availability, safety and customer reviews, we rate this medication 5 on the scale of 5.

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