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Almaximo Sildenafil 50/100 mg Review: Not Trustworthy Sildenafil Brand

  • Brand: Almaximo
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: FABOP
  • Country of Manufacture: Argentina

Almaximo by FABOP

Almaximo by FABOP

Review and Description

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that has caused stress to men all around the world. It has created relationship problems for many couples. It may be due to hypertension, stressful routine, unhealthy lifestyle, depression or due to any other physiological disease in man. Sildenafil has been known as the wonder drug to treat erectile dysfunction. It does so by increasing the circulation in the penile arteries of men and dilating them to enhance the blood flow in penis, which results in increased and prolonged erection.

Sildenafil has been manufactured by different companies lately. Almaximo is one of the many generics of Sildenafil available on the pharmaceutical market. Almaximo contains Sildenafil as its active ingredient. It has been manufactured by FABOP Laboratories in Argentina. The original company name is Savant with their pharmaceutical section named as FABOP Laboratories. FABOP Laboratories manufacture a variety of drugs including OTC and generic alternatives of brands. Almaximo is one of its leading product in Argentina.

Customer Reviews

No customer reviews or consumer testimonials were found online after detailed research. The statements from the previous customers who have used the drug are of vital importance in rating and recommending any drug because a direct consumer is the one who knows best about the efficacy or side effects of a medicine. In case of Almaximo no customer reviews were found. So nothing surely can be predicted about the quality, effect and efficacy of the drug. The side effects profile can only be identified after the consumer’s remarks, the manufacturer always show its medicine to be free of any adverse effects. Moreover, the manufacturer is an Argentinian company whose credibility is not extraordinary in international market. Thus, it is recommended to consult your physician before using Almaximo 50mg. In case of unavailability of the physician, any alternative brand of Sildenafil that has proven its efficacy or reputation can be chosen over Almaximo.

Pricing and Dosage

Almaximo Pricing

Almaximo Pricing

Almaximo is available in 50mg dosage form .It is available in three different pack sizes. Packs of 20,40 and 100 tablets packing. The unit price for one tablet varies according number of tablets. It is approximately ranged from US$ 7.90 to US$ 19.45.

How to Buy Almaximo Sildenafil 50/100 mg Online

It is available locally as well as internationally. Almaximo doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription to be ordered or purchased. It can be purchased online by international customers.

How to Use

Being a chewable tablet, it is advised to use it 15-20 minutes before planned sexual activity. Chewable tablets gets well absorbed into the bloodstream and have quick onset of actions. The effects last for about 4 hours. Its effects are best seen if it is taken without any heavy meal. It should not be taken along with large consumption of alcohol.

It acts by increasing the blood flow to penis by releasing a compound Nitric oxide that dilates the blood vessels. It helps in maintaining prolonged erections.

Side Effects

The side effects profile of Almaximo 50 mg is not scary. Mild headache can be noticed in the consumers who have used double dose or increased dose of Almaximo. Along with that, common side effects include facial flushing, running nose and problems in digestion. The dose is not too strong to cause many adverse effects.

In case of emergency, pain or any prolonged side effects like painful erection or prolonged erection for more than 4 hours, it is best to contact a doctor or visit a hospital.


Sildenafil has been proven a wonder drug In treating erectile dysfunction in men. This globally famous formulation has provided relief to many couples. It works by enhancing blood circulation and prolonging the erection time of penis. Almaximo is one of the generics of Sildenafil, which hasn’t become as popular as its counterparts. The credibility of the drug is judged by analyzing consumer reviews, which were not found anywhere online in the case of this brand. It costs more expensive than other alternative brands with similar position available in the market. The reputation of the manufacturer is also not recognized on the international level. It is recommended to use any other previously tested and proven alternative of Sildenafil. If Almaximo has to be used, then you must visit your physician before purchasing and using this brand. On a scale of 1 to 5, we give it 1 star based on the above justifications.

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