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Generic meds have been in the market for an extended period now. However, featuring limited exposure and with very minimal information available online, generic medications are still a mystery to a lot of people. We aim to change this, giving you the information you need to consider generic pills both reliable and safe. 

Nowadays, every brand-name medication without patent protection – the patent protection generally expires after 20 years – has a generic version. Since the same generic drug can be manufactured by different companies, generic pills often arrive in the market with a range of confusing names. 

We research all these generic medications, going beyond their packaging, and checking their active ingredients, to ensure that they will help you eliminate your health problem. 

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Our team collects and analyzes real reviews from customers who have already used the generic pills. We know that people who have already used a product carry unbiased and the most accurate information. With the reviews, we can tell if the drugs feature below-average, average, or above-average efficiency.  

On Pill Rankings, we will let you know when you need a prescription to get your medications. We will help you figure out whether the generic medication is in your local pharmacy or you can only order it online. With us, you can never go wrong when ordering your generic pills. 

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