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36 Hours 20mg Tablet Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Tablet Review:Make Informed Decision When Choosing ED Drug

  • Brand: 36 Hours
  • Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Country of Manufacture: India

36 Hours by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

36 Hours by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Note: No picture of the product is available on the internet. So a picture of a generic drug label of Tadalafil is attached for illustration purpose only.

Review and Description

Tadalafil, first used in the brand name Cialis, is adopted for many years as the most effective medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. ED is defined as the incapability of men of keeping a hard erected penis for the sexual intercourse. Tadalafil does the job by loosening the muscles of the penis, allowing blood to flow to the penis without intervention, and ,therefore it guarantees a good erection for the penis and maintenance of such erection for a prolonged period of time. Compared to the alternative erectile dysfunction treatments, like Sildenafil brands, Tadalafil showed higher efficacy, as it lasts for 36 hours in the blood and it has a lower recorded side effects.

36 Hours 20mg Tablet is the generic of Cialis, containing Tadalafil as the active ingredient, which works perfectly in the majority of erectile dysfunction cases. This drug is manufactured by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a well-known Indian pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, not much information is available about the drug, as it is not listed on the official company website.

Customer Reviews

After a thorough research on numerous website pages, we could not find any reviews or comments, either positive or negative for this product. Customer reviews are really important in judging the efficacy and the undesirable side effects of any product. As we are lacking confirmation from the real patients who tested the product, the use of the product is risky and inadvisable. Even though Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a well reputable Indian pharmaceutical company exporting various medicines worldwide, 36 Hours 20mg Tablet wasn’t listed on its official website leaving the drug with an undefined credibility. Summarizing the above, we shall warn you about using 36 Hours 20mg Tablet at your own risk, as no enough data or reviews are available for the drug. Using 36 Hours 20mg Tablet will be on your own responsibility, even though the efficacy of Tadalafil is well known. Finding other trusted generics of Tadalafil with confirmed efficacy is advisable at the moment.

Pricing and Dosage

36 Hours 20mg Tablet is available in one dose of 20 mg (Tadalafil). The product can be ordered online without any prescription. The price is 5.93$ per 10 tablets.

36 Hours 20mg Price

36 Hours 20mg Price

The recommended dose for erectile dysfunction is usually 20 mg of Tadalafil to be taken an hour before sexual intercourse with or without food every 3 days or as needed; the dose cannot be titrated to higher doses. Do not take Tadalafil containing product if you are using other drugs for erectile dysfunction and consult your physician if you are taking any drug containing nitrate.

How to Buy 36 Hours 20mg Tablet Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Tablet Online

There are limited number of websites for purchasing 36 Hours 20mg Tablet online.

How to Use

The product shall be taken with a glass of water an hour before the sexual intercourse every 3 days, the maximum dose as stated above is 20 mg per day.

The drug is designated for men older than 18 years old, and it is entirely prohibited to use the drug in women and children. Tadalafil works only following a sexual stimulation. Avoid taking the drug with plenty of alcohol as it might intensify the side effect. You shall consult your doctor before use in case of taking other medicines especially the nitrate containing drugs.

Side Effects

Like all tadalafil generics, the most commonly reported adverse effects of 36 Hours 20mg Tablet are a headache, stomach upset, abnormal vision, visual disturbances, nausea, and dizziness. Side effects resembling those appearing in Sildenafil but with the much lower tendency.

Some tadalafil side effects may be severe such as erection for more than 4 hours. This demands the discontinuation of the drug and an immediate consultation of a doctor. Consult your physician or your pharmacist prior to use 36 Hours 20mg Tablet to avoid possible side effects.


36 Hours 20mg Tablet is a generic of Tadalafil, which is known for its very high efficacy and its wide safety margin compared to alternative erectile dysfunction treatments. Tadalafil has a similar mechanism of action: like Sildenafil it increases the blood flow to the penis, leading to erection and maintaining such erection for a longer time than usual. This product is manufactured by the Indian company Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. However, no data for this product is listed on the company’s official website, making 36 Hours 20mg Tablet entirely non transparent to the health providers and the customers.

As there is no confirmed information available on the efficacy and safety of this drug, the product rating of this product shall not exceed 2 out of 5. This rating is based on the efficacy of the active substance and the reputation of the company. Our advice is to find other generics of Tadalafil from reputable manufacturers with positive reviews.


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