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pill rankingsAt PillRankings we believe in power of customers. People who use products tell the most accurate and unbiased information about them. We collect such reviews all over the net and turn them into simple condensed articles.

Generic products give access to high quality medications for almost any person in the world. But since they are ordered online mostly, customers have full responsibility for choosing the right product. It’s a question of health and welfare. And we strive to answer it!

We help people avoid rogue and potentially dangerous drugs, and at the same time we highlight those products that are already trusted by customers.

Though they are extremely affordable, very few people are familiar with generic pills. Our goal is to help you discover safe, effective, and reliable generic medications.

Trying to find a generic drug for a specific health complication? We can help you out. We do the research and publish detailed guides on pills that can be used for different health problems.

On PillRankings, we concentrate on:

Reviewing New Generic Pills

Every time a new generic medication hits the market, we research and test it to determine its effectiveness. With our detailed reviews, you can learn which generic pills guarantee good results. 

Generic MedsShowing You How to Use Generic Meds

Drugs are only effective when used correctly. Will you need to use a specific drug before or after a meal? Is the drug’s effectiveness affected by some types of foods or drinks? Does the generic medication have any side effects? Pill Rankings carries answers to questions like these!

Detailing How to Buy Generic Pills

Some meds require a prescription from a professional doctor to purchase. Others can be purchased as over the counter solutions. We will let you know when you will need a prescription and when you won’t need it.

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